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Imagine students on the campus grass, singing and playing guitars and becoming one by it.  This is most common romance many university students have in their minds, but also the one which is hard to see in Sookmyung Women’s University.  However, there are students who made this impossible possible.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met acoustic guitar group CODE BLUE to hear about a song of their voice.


SMT  Just hearing the name CODEBLUE, it reminds me of music.  Could you tell us about CODE BLUE?

BLUE  CODE BLUE is an acoustic guitar group that was established in May, 2011.  In Sookmyung Women’s University, there was a classical guitar group, but no acoustic guitar group.  I felt a need for a group that sings and plays acoustic guitar, so I wrote my thoughts on Sookmyung Community’s notice board and found out that there were people who had the same thought as me.  And that year, CODE BLUE was made.  Our Group’s purpose is ‘singing and playing guitar.’ Yet, to be truthful, enjoying is the real purpose of this club, so do not be afraid to join our group because you don’t have a guitar.  You can always sing and enjoy!  So our aim is not playing guitar and singing extremely well.  It is playing with the guitar well.  CODE BLUE is free to all grades.  I always had discontent about only having freshmen and sophomores as new members of a club.  Most members of our group who are active constantly are juniors.  Our group is free to everyone.  Also, I wanted the members to enjoy in a free atmosphere so one can always leave easily when they want if they talk to me.  For this semester, we will recruit new members.  Promoting will be made by posters so if you are interested, be free to call the number on the poster right away.  We welcome all grades of students, global exchange students, and exchange students from other Universities in Korea.  We welcome everyone who is waiting for making romantic memories at Sookmyung.



SMT  You said CODE BLUE is a singing acoustic guitar group.  What is the charm of acoustic guitar compared to other types?  And are singing and playing skills important when entering the club?

BLUE  The most powerful charm of acoustic guitar is that it’s popular among the public.  These days, there are artists who come out with acoustic guitar like Busker Busker, Jang Jane and IU, so it is widely known to the public.  Acoustic guitar has its solo sound that is comfortable and I think that’s also the reason that it is loved by the public.  Another great advantage about it is that acoustic guitars can make great accompaniment for singing.  I can’t imagine singing while playing only electric guitar.  Other guitars need more instruments as drums and keyboards to create accompaniment.  However, with only an acoustic guitar, a person can sing.  Also, you can make beats with it hitting the body.   Anyone can enter whether they don’t know anything about guitar.  In fact, most of our members are beginners.  But as I told you before, CODE BLUE is about enjoying with guitar.  Even if they don’t have any skills, and can only enjoy with us, they are always welcome.

SMT  The images we get when thinking about a man with a guitar and a woman with a guitar are quite different.  What do you think is unique to women players?  Also, are you planning for any concerts?

BLUE  I think in women’s guitar playing, there is some kind of calmness and cuteness beneath.  As we wrote on the group promoting poster, like IU.  We planned on getting on stage for a concert if there is any chance, but for the first semester of 2012, we decided to sit around in a circle on the grass behind the administration building and sing songs, play guitars and jembe.*  We love that atmosphere.  Singing Busker Busker’s ‘Flower Song’ was the most memorable.

SMT  CODE BLUE belongs to newly-established group, so you’ll have much ambition and plan for it.  Could you explain about your future plans?

BLUE  To be truthful, the system of our group is not managed perfectly yet.  Because there is no available room at school union, we borrow classrooms to practice.  It is a sorrow of newly-made clubs, but I can assure that our position will get stronger day by day.  Moreover, if it’s possible, we are planning to perform with band clubs at other universities.  We had some invitations asking us to perform, and we were postponing it, but I believe now it’s about time.  If you are wishing for good memories from campus and have a romance of singing on the grass and playing guitars, you are the one.

* Jembe is a traditional drum of west africa.

Please contact us for more details at ‘cheval201@naver.com’

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