A Women's University, How Does Your Country Think of It?
A Women's University, How Does Your Country Think of It?
  • Kim Jo dana
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The uniqueness of Sookmyung Women’s University can be recognized by its name, ‘WOMEN’s’ university.  Including Korea, there are universities which are only for women in Japan, USA, Canada and so on.  Also Hillary Clinton is from Wellesley College, which is a women’s university.  However, some people still wonder whether women’s universities are good or bad. The SookmyungTimes (SMT) asked five people from different nations who went to SMU.

SMT In your country, why do some people choose women’s university? And personally what made you choose SMU which is a women’s university?

SOJEONG I think most of people choose it because they think that they can experience competitive society ahead and it can make them stronger.  Also in my case, especially at SMU, ROTC for women was established and it was quite attractive to me because I wanted to be a
member of ROTC.
DELANCEY In my country, most people choose women’s university because of study.  I also agree that women’s university is better when studying.  In my personal case, my school offered three summer programs and this one was the cheapest and the longest.  Also I always wanted to visit Korea, so I thought coming to Sookmyung would be the obvious choice.  Another thing is my economics professor who told me about this program teaches at Sookmyung during the summer.
SUNAH Personally, there was no special reason just because I passed only SMU.
MOHAMAD In early February, I was given by my home university the opportunity to do student
exchange here at SMU during this Fall Semester.  Before that happened, I had zero idea that I would be studying here.  Nevertheless, I am truly grateful to be given this rare occasion and would definitely look forward to seize what SMU is offering for me.
MIN I am not sure because in my country, there is only one university which is just for women.  I
have no choice but coming to a women’s university as an exchange student personally.

SMT In your country or just people around you, how do people think about women’s university?

SOJEONG People are more positive at women’s university now than before.  Because people think that people can more concentrate just on studying more at women’s university.      DELANCEY In my country, people don’t necessarily understand why one might decide to go to a gender exclusive university.  They are not very common in America and most college-bound  students want interaction with the opposite sex.
SUNAH There are many friends who are from women’s high schools, and people around me think generally positively.  For example, people think students who are from women’s university are doing everything hard and in detail.
MOHAMAD Generally, the male students would become more excited and could suddenly become more enthusiastic with the thoughts of having to set their eyes onto a swarm of ladies almost every day.
MIN As I said above, there is one university for only women in China.  May be most of people  think it’s a kind of university where there are no boys or few boys; because some people think life with boys can be bothering and a little bit harsh in our country.

SMT As you are going to women’s university, what do you think of it? What are the pros and cons of women’s university?

SOJEONG First of all, we can be more adventurous.  Patience and passion for studying are more powerful when we are with only women.  Also because there are only women in our university, we can meet more friends deeply.  However, because there are no men, we are so accustomed to life just with women.
DELANCEY In my personal opinion, women’s university would allow the students to focus on their classes and future careers.  The con is that they lack experience working with the opposite gender, which they will have to learn to do in the work force.
SUNAH In the case of a coed university, they are more focused on men at getting jobs but we are focused on women, so it makes me to think about myself more.  However, even though I can meet various people at SMU, it is more restricted than at a coed university.
MOHAMAD Honestly for a guy to study in a women’s university, it feels like I am one of the luckiest men alive! Sandwiches with beautiful women all day, what more can a guy ask for? The earnest part would be by interacting with the female students more often, this could help a man to appreciate and understand women better.  At some point in a lifetime men have to be able to be aware of what most women actually need, don’t you agree?
MIN I have just experienced women’s university for about one month, so I do not really know  deeply about women’s university.  But, I think because there are lots of girls in university, they can understand when something happens to me.  There is something that boys cannot understand, but girls can. If I really have to say about cons, I cannot take class with handsome guys.

SMT If you have another chance to choose, which one do you want to choose? Women’s university? Coed university? Also tell the reasons.

SOJEONG I want to choose a women’s university, because through my life at SMU for about 6 months, I feel life with only women is quite comfortable.  Also, there are lots of clubs which consist of both boys and girls, so it can be one of the solutions that come from lack of males.
DELANCEY I have no preference for one or the other.  They both present unique opportunities and a great chance to visit Korea.  I’m actually planning on going back next summer, so whatever opportunity presents itself would be fantastic.
SUNAH If I can choose again, I want to go to a coed university.  I like women’s university, but because I went to a women’s middle school and women’s high school, I want to choose another one.  I am a little bit fed up with this routine.
MOHAMAD Definitely women’s university! I mean why would I choose to attend a different university in a foreign country when I am already familiar with one (which is SMU)? Especially SMU is an excellent university with brilliant vision: a university that nurtures creative global citizens filled with the pride of Korean people.  If there is a once in a lifetime opportunity like this to be offered again, definitely I would fight for it!
MIN I think women’s university is attractive to me because it’s still new to me.  However, through my experience, I think communication with males is also needed.  So I want to choose coed university.

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