November, a Month when Not Everything has Gone by
November, a Month when Not Everything has Gone by
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
  • 승인 2012.11.16 19:11
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Once upon a time, there was a King.  Maybe he was a king of Rome.  At that time, there was not a notion of month, and people just thought when the sun rises, the day starts.  In this country,
there was a rule.  During the special period, citizens should report what they had planned in the past to the King.  The problem was if a person who couldn’t complete his plan more than 80  percent, he was judged to not have the ability to support himself, so he was downgraded to a slave of the king or praetor. 

Meanwhile, there was a handsome young man at that time.  When the special period came, as a citizen of the Rome, he also reported his plan to the king.  However, a problem arose.  This  handsome young man couldn’t complete his plan that was running for the Senate, because of his love.  And he was sentenced to be a slave of one of the praetors.  Now he became not to be able to see his sweet lady.  Not being able to contain his sorrow and despair, he took poison and killed himself.  After hearing of this tragic affair, the king was touched by the young man’s love and abolished this reporting system he had really enjoyed.  Also, the king made a word to indicate that at this time every year, citizens should forget all incomplete plans for any reason and make a fresh start.  This word is November, compound of ‘no’ and ‘remember.’ Of course, this story is believe
it or not.

Some think that November is too late a month to do something.  However, (American) Indians called November as a month in which not everything has gone by.  Maybe December is the very
late month to close the year.  Then how about looking back at your 2012 in this month?  I think November is a very good month to do it.  It’s because, as a word of the king and the Indian, there
are still many things to close and start around us.

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