Tim Burton, the Last and the Best
Kim Jo Dana / Reporter  |  smt_dana@sm.ac.kr
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“With eyes of kids, everything looks new and fresh.  It is easy to look things with a unique view.  So the feeling and experiences make me to think differently,” film director, film producer, writer and artist ‘Tim Burton’ said.  From November 2009, his first exhibition “Tim Burton” was held in Museum of Modern Art in New York.  This exhibition fascinated 800,000 audiences, and it ranked third most visited exhibition in the world.  And “Tim Burton” in Seoul Museum of Art is the first in Asia and will be the last world widely.

Tim Burton, Who is He?
Tim Burton was born in 1958 in United States.  He is a film director, film producer, writer and artist at the same time.  That’s why people regard him as a genius.  He was fascinated by horror movies since he was young.  So he started to fall in his own odd world.  People can easily find quite horrible and unique characters in his movies.  Including Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish and Batman, there are lots of movies which attracted many audiences.  The film Dark Shadows was his latest film.  Over fourteen movies were so unique that they are called as ‘Burtonesque.’ Through his creative works from this exhibition, audiences can regard him not only as a movie director but also as an artist in Post- Modern.

Part One, Surviving Burbank
Blue Gilr with Wine, 1997
Burbank is the place where he was born.  He said he was lonely and bored in Burbank but he enjoyed that time by showing his unique imagination through pictures.  The paintings which he drew during his young age are alive as similar as cartoons he collected from magazines.  The works which displayed in part one were all private paintings including films he made during his high school age.  We can find <Blue Girl with Wine> in this part.

Part Two, Beautifying Burbank
   Untitled, 1998
He entered Cal Arts and studied more specifically than before.  After two years in Cal Arts, he worked at Disney studio for four years.  This is the time when the world of unique and humorous Burton’s works was made.  Most of his work in that period was based on his fascination with childhood fantasies, inspiring the wacky but humorous Tim Burton characters that many of us recognize today.

Part Three, Beyond Burbank
  Stain Boy Diorama, 2009
He became the most famous movie director in Hollywood with things that no one can ever think of.  Before one movie is made, a lot of sketches and models of characters are needed.  In this part, we can see those of things.  We can find the Batman cowl which was used in the movie Batman and scissorhands which was used in the movie Edward Scissorhands.  Also we can see the models of Oompa Loompas which were used in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Each section has the screen.  In that screen, we can watch important scenes of that movie with low sounds.  So we can recall the movie even we watched years ago.  There was also a screening room which plays three movies.  In weekdays, the movie Frankenweenie (2012) and Stain Boy (1999) are playing.  And in weekends, only the movie Stain Boy is playing.


When you barcode this QRcode, you can see interview of Tim Burton.    In this interview, you can watch more works which are not in the museum.




 Batman Cowls, 1989                Untitled (Trick or Treat), 1980        Untitled (Creature Series), 1997-1998      Sleepy Hollow Cape, 1999

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