Korean Peninsula, Nervous or Indifferent?
Korean Peninsula, Nervous or Indifferent?
  • Lee Kim Sooyeon
  • 승인 2013.05.09 11:27
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From the 1950’s Korean War, the Korean Peninsula separated North and South.  And for the peaceful relation and reunification, during over 60 years, two countries tried a lot.  They have made meetings for the separated family members and the South Korea has sent many tons of rice to the North.  However, despite of those efforts, technically the Korean Peninsula is still at war and still separated with a cease-fire line.  Especially, because of the North’s continually provocative actions, Korean Peninsula is recently put under the state of tension.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) asked four people from different nations that how they think of this unended war between North and South Korea.


SMT  In your country, what do people think about North and South Korea?

NOMINGOO   There are two groups of people.  One thinks they need to reunify for their people.  However, another thinks reunification is not really needed and now is ok.

SUNAE   Actually Korean does not welcome and accept North Korea in their real life.  They do not feel that we are the Korean race in their mind.

WASSANA   People in Thailand worry about the possibility of a war in the Korean Peninsula.  I have heard from my foreign senior at Sookmyung that her parents didn’t want to allow her to study in South Korea because they worried about this tension and the unpredictable state of emergency.

JORDAN  We think that American are really closely involved in their war.  Generally, in United States, people think North Korea is worse than South Korea because North tries to make war with acting across the world.


SMT  Korea is still technically at war.  However, Korean people are living without fear and worry.  You are now living in this Korea.  How do you feel living in a country at war?

NOMINGOO  Sometimes when I watch Korean TV news, I’m really afraid of living in Korea because this is not that safe a country now.  But when I see my Korean friends who are living really comfortably, I’m confused about whether Koreans know about their situation of wartime or not.

WASSANA   I’m not afraid of living in here.  There is no war now so it is ok to stand in Korea.  I think Korean people are thinking the same as me.

SUNAE   I also think that indifference is the scariest action but, because there is no war now, I also loosen up in my everyday life. 


SMT  Then, what do you think the best way for reunify of North and South Korea?

SUNAE   I think the best way is peaceful reunification.  We do not want to repeat the tragedy of a fratricidal war, but today it is a problem that there is not enough negotiation about peaceful unification.

WASSANA   I am not sure if it is possible to reunite under this state of tension, but if the two countries want to reunite, understanding and peace are what I hope to see instead of harm, violence, battle, or loss. 

JORDAN  More active participation of all countries of the world is needed for better situation in Korean Peninsula.  When more and more countries are concerned in preventing this war, North will stop provaction.

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