Passion for Getting a Job
Passion for Getting a Job
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2007.09.28 08:29
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‘Korea Job Fair 2007’ was held from September 13 to 14 at COEX pacific hall.  It was for people of all ages who dream of having a job and thus lots of people participated in this job fair with passion.  This job fair was composed of many events and programs which offered people diverse opportunities to be in work. 

Programs were divided into 4 sections in particular youth, women, seniors and events.  Each booth was full of many companies and they prepared pamphlets for people.  Visitors could enter the booth and consult with a company employee about employment information. 

Numerous Events 

In the youth booth, there were many events for visitors such as cover letter, resume contest and interview experience program.  The person who won the letter and resume contest won a prize.  Also, people who took part in the interview experience program could do group interviews and discussed their interview with advice from experts.  In addition they had a chance to interview with recruiters.  There were many special lectures with different topics from Ko Min Jeong, KBS announcer, and other famous people.  Through diverse events, visitors were able to get useful information about employment.

Opinions from Visitors

ID jy1112 said “I participated in the special lecture from Ko Min Jeong announcer and it was very beneficial.  However the atmosphere was so poor that she couldn’t concentrate on her lecture.  Furthermore, I thought that large domestic corporations didn’t participate actively.”  ID lisakr also said “I went there but it was worse than I expected.” 

Our society is facing one of the worst job markets in years.  I believe that ‘Korea Job Fair 2007’ will be the driving force behind a solution to the employment problem.  Furthermore, if large corporations, not only small and medium enterprises, participate in such job fairs positively, it will be more helpful.  In addition, having more job fairs will give people a chance to get employment information more readily.

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