Last Letter
Last Letter
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
  • 승인 2013.06.03 22:44
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I remember the scene when I first came into the Sookmyung Times.  I was a freshman and I didn’t know anything. Since then, two years have passed.  Now I am an Editor of SMT and I’m waiting to leave.  In fact, I can’t imagine my campus life without SMT.  The life as an SMT Reporter was quite hard, of course.  I couldn’t enjoy my whole vacation because of the training schedule at once, and friends always said to me, “Should you go to SMT, again?”  However, the time in SMT was really happy to me.

Yes, as you can expect, this is the last letter I send you as the Sookmyung Times Editor.  Although I can’t assure the result was always the best, I assure that I have tried to write better articles and I have tried to be a better leader.  Courage to participate in SMT is the best choice in my university life. During the SMT life, there was much more to receive than to give.  Learning so many things, I leave the Sookmyung Times.  There are so many things to say, so I can’t say anymore.  I’ll bury the rest in my heart.  Now I leave to prepare the second chapter in my campus life.  Even now, really really thank you all so much.  Good Bye!

Yours Sincerely,
Hyungsun, the Sookmyung Times Editor-in-chief


p.s. I dedicate this magazine to all people I want thank :
To my dear colleagues, Eunjung and Joonyoung. If you were not with me, I couldn’t withstand.  To respectful Professors very nice Heungryeol Kim and Dustin Tower, and To all my juniors, I know you will make the SMT better. I believe in you.



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