Bringing Joy to Children in Learning
Bringing Joy to Children in Learning
  • Oh Hwang Junhee
  • 승인 2019.09.02 10:02
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From July 29 to August 1, the 4-day Hanbyul Camp was held at the College of Science at Sookmyung Women's University. The camp, organized by the Disabled Student Support Agency, was opened with the generous support of the Yongsan Ward Office. At the center of the camp, the third of its kind this year, is the Sookmyung Women's University's Sookmyung Translation Volunteer GroupHwang Yoobin, Department of English Language & Literature 18, an official at the camp, said, I wanted to teach language. As an interpretation volunteer, I planned the event, which focused on teaching languages to elementary school students in Yongsan-gu. I believe communication within the community is important. The camp focused on the teaching of three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. Students were free to choose the language they wished to learn prior to the start of the campThe program consists of language learning, hands-on activities, and role play. Language was taught using self-produced books by Volunteer Group members, and the various outdoor experiences, art experiences, and recreation activities were chosen with students’ interests in mindThe camp also gave the participants an opportunity to watch plays in the language they were learning and to reenact roles from the plays, which gave children the opportunity to speak in the foreign languageThe students at the camp expressed their satisfaction, saying it was an exciting time for them. One of the reasons for the camp’s success was publicity. Sookmyungians made and put up posters throughout the Yongsan district and the Yongsan Ward Office promoted the camp online at the Mom café. Hwangsaid, “I hope the elementary school students do not feel stressed or tried as they learn their chosen language at campWe spent numerous hours preparing for the camp, and I hope our concern and effort was felt.” The camp is consired to keep up with the global trend, which developed and grew global talent at Sookmyung. At the same time, it was a meaningful event for children that allowed them to find joy in learning. 

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