After Every Summer Comes Autumn
After Every Summer Comes Autumn
  • Kim Ma Seunghee
  • 승인 2019.09.02 10:02
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To some Sookmyungians, summer is the time to relax. However, for The Sookmyung Times, summer is a time of ‘training’, which has continued for many years. Every cub reporter is required to write articles for each section of SMT, namely SOCIETY, WOMAN, and CULTURE. After continuous feedback from editors, cub reporters revise their work and learn to become true academic journalists, who specialize in getting the news Sookmyungians care about. I, too, underwent this training with fellow editors as a cub reporter. The process of writing articles each night is challenging, and at the time, I was not sure I would be able to continue as a SMT reporter. However, the one thing, I can say for certain now is that I’m accustomed to SMT and I found my place in SMT. While my writing ability has not improved as much as I would like, I was able to cover the news and listen attentively to the voices of Sookmyungians. Since SMT reporters are training hard to write articles every night so that they cover the news Sookmyungians want to read objectively and critically, they might feel the hardship of learning to write for SMT during the summer. However, they will reap the fruits of their hard work and feel the pride of writing as fully qualified academic journalists. While every ability one wishes to gain may not come right away, each struggle one overcomes gives strength to work through the next chapter.
After the long summer comes the new autumn semester. All of us at SMT hope Sookmyungians made the most of their summer and return recharged from vacation to face the challenges before them over the semester. To spark your excitement for the new semester, SMT has prepared several interesting stories, and they will be laid out on a more mature and improved version of the magazine. For the section FEATURE, SMT will look at “My-Recipe” culture, which became trendy in 2019. In section COVERSTORY, SMT delved into the issue of ‘international marriage and family violence’, which has been highlighted recently. Besides, the SMTRACING section will cover ‘facilities in Sookmyung’ and concerns Sookmyungians have of them. Each of these sections in SMT is covered by reporters who after undergoing summer training, became full reporters. Along with these sections, reporters and editors present important news directly affecting Sookmyungians. Everyone worked diligently all summer to cover the news, so I hope you enjoy the edition. SMT welcomes your opinions and comments on the edition in the sections, SMT READER and SNS WINNER. To better communicate and hear the voices of Sookmyung, SMT has established a Kakao Talk Plus friend account. We welcome your reviews, comments, and news tips on the SNS account. All of us at SMT promise to do our best to keep our eyes and ears open to your voice. We appreciate and hope you continue your support for SMT.

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