Enjoy Movie Preview at Sookmyung with Popcorn
Enjoy Movie Preview at Sookmyung with Popcorn
  • Lee Cho Myunghyun
  • 승인 2013.10.02 22:01
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On September 9th, the Office of Student Affairs previewed a movie in the Samsung Convention Center.  About fifty Sookmyungians came to see the film Sidewalls, which was released in Argentina in 2011.  The office of Student Affairs has made this movie preview since last year, and this event is the third.  The reason for the event was a request by the film company Jin-jin PicturesJin-jin Pictures sent several films to the Office of Student Affairs requesting the films be previewed by students before being released to the public later.  In fact, the film, Sidewalls had a plan to be released after this movie preview in SMU.  After watching all the movies, officials chose the film they felt would best fit Sookmyungians.  Lee Sungwon, an official in the Office of Student Affairs, said, “We chose a film that students would likely not have gone to see at the cinema.  Many students don’t watch a movie like Sidewalls.  So, we previewed the film Sidewalls for Sookmyungians to watch.”  The event also gave free popcorn on a first come, first served basis.  Many students watched the movie while enjoying delicious popcorn.  Uhm Subin, Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management ’12, said, “This was a very good event.  I saw an unreleased film and even saw it for free.  I hope for many more events like this one.”

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