Increase Your Confidence Through a VR Interview
Increase Your Confidence Through a VR Interview
  • Ahn Ha Yura
  • 승인 2019.09.02 10:02
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<strong>PHOTO BY HYR</strong>

Since May, VR interviews have been ongoing at Student Union Building Room 212. The VR interview is a mock interview program that utilizes a virtual reality device. Users are free to select and have an interview at the company of their choice. Basically, two interviewers ask a variety of questions to the interviewee who is wearing the VR device. They ask the same questions that might be asked in an actual situation. Interviewees’ responses and gazes are checked during the interview, and an analysis report is provided at the end of the interview. Especially, once the interview is done, users receive recordings of their responses to the interview questions, which can be useful for reviewing and reflecting on the interview. To try the VR interview, Sookmyungians can visit Room 208 in the Student Union Building, where the Office of Employment Support is located. A student helper will then guide interested students to Room 212. Choi Sunghee, head of the Office of Employment Support said, “We provide an interview clinic and a mock interview program for students preparing for employment. However, the number of students attempting the mock interview program is much less than we expected. It may be that students preparing for their first job interview feel a sense of burden to drop by the mock interview. Through the VR interview, students are given the chance to experience an interview without fear of failure to secure a job. Making use of the VR interview program several times could help improve a student’s confidence level prior to a real first time job interview.” According to Choi, the Office will promote the use of the VR interview when students come for interview counseling and update the program frequently by adding more authentic questions of companies. The VR interview will be provided until May 2020. Sookmyung Women’s University is providing students with a program that fits the changing times of student employment. SMT hopes that Sookmyungians participate actively in this and other programs to achieve their dreams.

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