Are You Ready to Start Afresh in 2020?
Are You Ready to Start Afresh in 2020?
  • Choi Cho Huiryung
  • 승인 2019.09.02 10:02
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On August 3, an admissions session for 2020 admissions was held at Samsung Convention Center, which is the second floor of Centennial Hall at Sookmyung Women’s University for students and their parents interested in Sookmyung and preparing the admissions examination. The session had two parts. The first was a briefing about Sookmyung and the various sections on the exam. During part one, participants learned about Sookmyung through the speakers’ three ideas: quality of education, satisfaction among Sookmyungians, and career and entrepreneurship. Immediately after introducing Sookmyung, the admissions process for 2020 was explained to prospective students and their parents with special attention to the results of the 2019 recruitment as reference. Informing the final admission schedule of this year in the end, the first part was finished successfully. The session continued with part two after admission details. This part centered on individual counseling proceeded with an order assigned online before. It was an opportunity for students and their parents to ask more individual questions about Sookmyung or other queries about the admissions process. Lee Yerin, a high school student attending the presentation said, “I have a lot of interest in Sookmyung, so the event was extremely helpful, more than I imagined because we were given a clear and concise explanation of the complex entrance examination. It helped me a lot to understand the admissions process.” Choi Yeongju, a member of the leadership group Polaris, said “Even though an admissions process fair was held just a few days ago, today’s event ‘Directly’ shows them distinctive images and characters of Sookmyung.” As Choi mentioned, the event was meaningful and centered on important information. It was an important venue that is sure to help future prospects prepare for the admissions process at Sookmyung Women's University in 2020.

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