It’s Me, Red Haired Girl. Who Cares!
It’s Me, Red Haired Girl. Who Cares!
  • Choi Cho Huiryung
  • 승인 2019.09.02 10:02
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Are you a little blue lately or tired of your daily routine? Do you wish to magically whisk yourself away? Then, borrow the power of a fairy tale. Escape your daily routine or an uncomfortable relationship by dropping everything and meeting someone new. This person has freckles on her cheeks, skinny legs, and red hair. Her name is Anne with an ‘e’. Travel to Prince Edward Island with Anne and gain the power to live energetically in the world again by learning to face and understand yourself. Let’s start down the road now. 


Hello, Anne with ‘E’

Anne of the Green Gables is a novel by Canadian author Lucy Mode Montgomery. It has been loved by readers for over a century since its publication. In 2019, the novel Anne of the Green Gables was reborn as an exhibition in Seoul with a modern sense. Through installation art, media art, music, and paintings, the exhibition describes Anne's innocence, personality, and relationships just as the beautiful scenery of Prince Edward Island vividly. It offers visitors an insight into Anne and her world of romance.
The exhibition <My Name Is Anne With Red Hair> is being held at Seoul Galleria Forest. To get to the exhibition, take the Gyeongui Central Subway Line at the Hyochang Park Station and transfer at Wangsimni Station to the Bundang Line. Get off at Seoul Forest Station. The entire trip will take about 35 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the exhibition ticket booth located on the first basement floor, but purchases made online on the exhibition website could get you a discount with the purchase of an ‘early bird ticket’.


ANNE, let’s be friends
The exhibition has nine themes based on the original novel. Each chapter made by several artists can be viewed in various forms, corresponding to the character in the novel or Anne's inner space. There are also small booths where visitors can experience firsthand the story of the exhibition, and they are free-of-charge.
Of the nine exhibition sections, except for the prologue and the epilogue, sections 1, 2, and 5 are all centered on the characteristics of the Anne. Section 1 is about her ‘personality’. Through Anne’s determination to create uniqueness regarding her name, visitors learn the value of ‘subjectivity.’ In section 2, visitors are introduced to Anne's romance and imagination. There is an explanation about the colorful clothes and a 'corset' painted onto a colorful painting of dress on the wall, which highlights the elegance imaged by Anne of
"lady". In section 5, visitors learn about her personal complex, which is directly opposite of her beautiful imagination. The red-colored painting in the room is a bit bizarre, and the sculpture in this room seems to reflect human suffering. Moreover, the graffiti scrawled on the wall shows Anne's sadness and anger. In this section, there is an experience booth where visitors can record their own personal complex on paper, which gives writers a chance to reflect on their own problems. The girl who once confused ideals and reality is reborn as a proud woman in section 8. This section looks at ‘feminism’ through its use of modern music and media art reinterpreted under Anne. Visitors, especially women, will gain courage and become aware of their hidden abilities. In sections 4, 6, 7, and 9, visitors learn more about Anne's relationship with her surroundings and her positive influence. In these sections, the exhibit makes great use of space. Gilbert and Anne are recreated in the classroom and there are photographs of Gilbert and Anne on the walls. Matthew and Marrilla’s stories are placed on green curtains and tables. Anne's positive energy tells visitors that people around her will grow and visitors leave with feelings of affirmation and romance. Finally, in the epilogue section, along with Anne's imaginary friend "Katie Morris," there is an experience booth where visitors can look inside themselves and cheer themselves up. Inside a cabinet resembling a wardrobe, a narration of consolation can be heard as visitors look at themselves in a mirror and voice words of encouragement to themselves. The recorded text is heard through a wooden hole, right next to the experience booth. This SMT reporter think that visitors will not only experience the romance and anguish of Anne’s life but also the story self-reliance as you walk through the various colorful sections through the exhibition.


Ratings: ★★★★★

At first, this reporter thought the exhibition would be more or less a re-creation of the novel, but <My Name Is Anne With Red Hair> was much more than that. It left her with valuable messages. Throughout the exhibition, this SMT reporter followed Anne’s gaze and the small, precious thoughts this reporter forgets as she carries on in her busy life. Also, visitors will surely leave with many memorable photos taken in the cute photo zones that are scattered throughout the exhibition.


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