Oh, Happy Day!
Oh, Happy Day!
  • Ahn Ha Yura
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Joy of yellow, anger of red, fear of purple, disgust of green, and the sadness of blue are the five Riley’s personified emotions from the movie <Inside Out>. The five emotions try to make her feel more joy than sadness, but eventually, they accept that sadness is also an important emotion. The movie tries to imply that placing happiness before sadness is not the only way to produce positive results. There is an exhibition where, unlike the movie, all emotions represented at the exhibition concluded with the idea of happiness. This place describes everyday happiness as true “happiness”, which is often overlooked. Does the thought of true happiness excite you? Then, it’s time to visit <HAPPY INSIDE>.



Look inside to find happiness

According to the 2019 World Happiness Report published by the UN, South Korea ranks 54th out of 157 countries. Although Korea is an economically developed country, its happiness index rank does not show how it has yet to become an advanced country. Words such as “SoHwakHaeng (Small but certain happiness)” are popular in Korea, highlighting Koreans’ obsession with happiness. The <HAPPY INSIDE> exhibition affectionately advises modern people that true happiness is not only real but those small and dark points in life can also equate to happiness.
To get to the exhibition at the War Memorial of Korea, walking through the underpass of Sookmyung Women’s University Subway Station, go to the center lane bus stop and take Bus 100, 151, 152 and so on. Then, get off the bus at Samgakji Station, and walk straight for about 10 minutes. It will take roughly 25 minutes. Lockers at the War Memorial are free, so visitors can store their belongings safe while they walk around the exhibition. This reporter recommends keeping the photo frame given to visitors at the entrance of the exhibition. Because the exhibition does not print tickets, the photo frame will be the main souvenir of one’s time there.


Color your happiness!

Just as the exhibition title <HAPPY INSIDE> implies, the exhibition subdivides happiness into five distinct parts. The five types of happiness are representative symbolic colors like <Inside Out>: green means happiness in daily life, blue represents happiness in the dark, red symbolizes unexpected happiness, yellow refers to exciting happiness, and purple denotes lovely happiness. In addition to these particular colors, the exhibition makes use of a lot of other colors, so visitors can enjoy a colorful time.
In the first section of the exhibition entitled ‘Happiness in Daily Life’, a ‘Happy Station’ appears, which is decorated to look like the inside of a subway train. Passing through this space, visitors feel as if they’ve actually arrived at the exhibition. After that, visitors arrive at a yellow-colored room. This area of the exhibition was collaboratively created with Lee Dongyoung. Visitors are invited to open a drawer, and inside, there is a short message related to happiness and it makes readers sense small happiness. The second section is ‘Happiness in the Dark’, which is a darkly lit space. The following phrase is written on the wall: “A sleepless night, but the night is filled with stars”, and it was very memorable for this reporter. This area of the exhibition shows how happiness can be found even in the dark. A public telephone booth located in the next space is an artistic piece by Seol Euna. People are encouraged to reveal their hidden burdens aloud. Visitors with a heavy heart will surely have it lifted here. The third section is ‘Unexpected Happiness’, which features works by Keykney. His works are delightful pictures of the answer to the certain situations requested by people. One of the questions written on the wall was “What can I do when I feel stuffy” and the answer given to visitors was “Sometimes it is okay to be wrong.” This reporter was impressed by those words. Finishing this section, visitors move to another area where they can experience riding a bicycle. The harder one pedals, the more light emoticons around the bike emit. By bringing visitors into the experience, visitors become even more interested in continuing to the other areas of the exhibition. The fourth section is ‘Exciting Happiness.’ In this part of the exhibition, there is a ball pool called ‘HAPPY INSIDE POOL’, which is the main attraction at the exhibition. This reporter was embarrassed at first, but after jumping into the pool of balls, she felt the happiness of being a child again. There were beach chairs alongside the pool of balls, so visitors are free to take a break for a while. In the fifth section of the exhibition, ‘Lovely Happiness’, visitors can see plushy dolls. People can touch the dolls and sit in a comfy chair in the room. The floor is also furry. This reporter felt relaxed hugging one of the dolls. ‘Lovely Happiness' is this reporter’s favorite part of the exhibition. The last section is titled ‘My own <HAPPY INSIDE>’. This reporter recommends expressing your own happiness here by creating a video of your time in the area. At the end of the exhibition hall, there are a variety of photo zones available and free postcards that visitors can enjoy and take home. There are also some good souvenir shops related to the exhibition, which gives visitors a chance to buy some items to remember your time there.


Ratings : ★★★★☆

The exhibition remains a pleasurable experience in this reporter’s eyes with its blending of happiness and colors. This reporter felt a higher level of happiness after visiting the exhibition. However, the exhibition space was smaller than expected compared to the price of the ticket, so the SMT reporter recommends buying a discounted ticket on the exhibition’s website before going, if possible. Any Sookmyungian who is interested in colors and photos should visit the exhibition with friends and have fun!

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