Final Hackathon Presentation of Sookmyung and Kyushu University
Final Hackathon Presentation of Sookmyung and Kyushu University
  • Kim Han Yujin
  • 승인 2020.03.11 01:59
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On February 14, final presentations for Sookmyung Interdisciplinary Hackathon was held in Room 301 of the PRIME Complex. This Hackathon, which was held secondly this year, was organized by the Prime Project Group of Sookmyung and sponsored by AWS. Also, Division of Convergence in College of General Education of Sookmyung and School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation of Kyushu University collaborated on the progress of this program. Five groups participated and the groups consisted of 24 students from Sookmyung Women's University and Kyushu University. Each presenting group discussed various ideas on how universities could better coexist with their local communities and announced the mobile, IOT and web solutions which were results of their ideas. Before the start of the presentations, congratulatory speeches by alumnae of the Sookmyung and a manager of AWS, the company managing the Hackathon, were heard. After the speeches, presentations started and professors from both Sookmyung and Kyushu University provided constructive feedback. Once all presentations had finished, Kim Jiyeon, Department of IT Engineering ‘16, a participant in Hackathon said, "Our group presented on the idea of developing an application that would solve the problem of nursery schools in Japan. It was devised from the trouble of one Japanese team member's mother who actually had difficulties with doing both taking care of her baby and household labors. As such, finding what kind of difficulties the residents of the local society actually have and working together to resolve them helped broaden the perspectives on solving problems. I am proud that our group successfully completed all the tasks." As Kim states, presentations were all successful, without any major issues with the great ideas of students and the excellent support of staff from both universities. Thanks to the Hackathon, students in both Sookmuyung and Kyushu University could share their ideas and finally create successful results.

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