Develop Leadership Capability by Steve Barakatt Lecture
Develop Leadership Capability by Steve Barakatt Lecture
  • Hong Ha Sunwoo
  • 승인 2013.11.06 20:23
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On October 7th, a Leadership lecture by Pianist Steve Barakatt was held at the College of Music, Sookyeondang.  The lecture was hosted by Sookmyung Women's University’s Liberal Leadership Institute.  It was not a onetime event.  The institute  operates a series of lectures that explore leaders from in and out of SMU.  These invited speakers have become role models in society.  Through firsthand encounters with leaders, lectures provide opportunities to realistically experience the effect and meaning of leadership.  Kim Kyunga, a professor in charge of these special lectures in leadership, said, "The lectures’ goal is to develop potential and establish Action Plans for the future.  Many Sookmyungians come and develop their potential for leadership."  The Team for International Exchange invited Steve Barakatt to give a speech on leadership as it relates his career.  Kim Hyeseok, Division of Business Administration ’12, who attended Steve Barakatt’s leadership lecture, said, “I thought leadership was only related to management.  I didn’t know that it is used in various other fields.  It was interesting to hear him compared his own concerns to a forest that is subject to four distinct seasons.”  The lecture series is opened to all Sookmyunginas and the schedule of guest lectures is presented on Sookmyung Women’s University homepage.

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