Perfect Just as I Am
Perfect Just as I Am
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2020.06.01 09:50
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“Don’t feel like putting make-up on my cheeks. Do what I wanna. Love every single part of my body, top to the bottom. I’m not a supermodel from a magazine. I’m okay with not being perfect cause that’s perfect to me.” - Anne Marie, “Perfect to Me” 
These are part of the lyrics to the song by Anne Marie. In autumn of 2019, I happened upon this music video by chance. From the moment I saw it, I feel in love with it, and I have listened to the song hundreds of times. Nowadays, a lot of songs contain meaningless lyrics because the singers are more concerned about the tune being something people can relate to in terms of rhythm and melody rather than lyrics. In these times, a song with meaningful lyrics is special. The song “Perfect to Me” is one such song for me. In the music video, people are asked what is does perfect mean to them. Anne Marie said, “For me, right now, the meaning of perfect is being different from everyone else in the whole world.” Others in the video said, “To be perfect means truly being yourself”, and one person said, “My mom died when I was 14. Perfection was eating lunch with her every day.” Watching others in the music video talking about perfection makes me ponder the idea as well. What does being perfect mean to me? To me, perfection is being with my loved ones for a long time. This includes family and my friends at SMT. My time at SMT has been invaluable. 
Edition 360 of The Sookmyung Times was made with the hard effort of many reporters. In this June Magazine, you will read articles about the female quota system in FEATURE, the early morning delivery system in COVERSTORY, and the surrounding commercial districts near Sookmyung in SMTRACING. In ALUMNAE and PEOPLE sections, you will read about ‘FILM SOGNO’ and ‘Mindle Maum’. This June issue has been put together with a combined effort by 87th and new 88th SMT reporters. I hope you enjoy it greatly! 

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