Special Lecture on the Use of Statistics for Quantitative Research
Special Lecture on the Use of Statistics for Quantitative Research
  • Choi Kim Seoyoon
  • 승인 2020.09.01 09:55
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On July 29, a special lecture on quantitative research methodology offered as part of the Learning Strategy Workshop was held in Room 201 of Veritas Building. The special lecture, organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning, was offered by Park Soyeon, a visiting professor from college of general education and director of the Central Psychological Research Institute. The three-hour special lecture was attended by students and faculty members, in total 25 participants. The special lecture covered theoretical content and practice, and each participant was given a theoretical textbook before entering the classroom. The theory centered on providing sound understanding and interpretation of statistical terminology and analysis methods. This was followed by statistical analysis practice using SPSS software. SPSS allows for a wide range of quantitative research including pedagogy, social sciences, and medical, and it is designed with an easy interface so that it can be used by the general public who cannot use other more sophisticated statistical programs. Each student was trained on firsthand SSPS usage in the computer room. They analyzed data under the guidance of the guest lecturer. Park said an understanding of quantitative research methods and use of a statistical program is an absolute for today’s undergraduate as it will enhance basic skills related to their majors. Park also said basic statistical skills were essential for modern careers, especially in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Shin Minchae, Department of English Language & Literature '19, said, "I took the special lecture because I wanted to know more about SPSS. The lecture offered a good foundation in the basics of statistics and quantitative research methods and how to apply them to some extent." Through this special lecture, many students including Shin eased their difficulties with statistics analysis and became more familiar with quantitative research methods. 

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