Be a Flame That Burns Forever
Be a Flame That Burns Forever
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2020.09.01 09:55
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Half a year has already passed. While there are still about four months left, I think 'chaos' is the best word that defines this year. With COVID-19, lots of plans have been canceled and changed, and people now cannot imagine life without wearing a mask. Besides the virus, the year has been rocked with numerous sextortion crimes, violent incidents, and unfair court rulings, all of which have added to the chaos. Growing up, I learned to be fair and righteous, and on almost every bestseller list, there is at least one book about justice. However, there is now disjunction between reality and justice. The reality of society is that it is unjust. In July, the court refused to extradite a criminal who ran the world's largest illegal sexual exploitation site to the US, giving him a light punishment of one and a half years. His father even thanked the judge for the wise judgment. Who would imagine a society in which the perpetrator, not the victims, is satisfied with the verdict? People long for a just world, but that's only a dream, an ideal fantasy that doesn't exist. The reality is that even the simplest logic isn't kept; the wrong person is punished and the right person is praised. Far beyond only sex crimes, unfairness is rampant in society.  
People are angry at the dishonest and unfairness, but sadly, society is filled with injustice. People have no other outlet except to show anger. When paper burns, it turns into ashes. The same is true of human emotions and energy. After feeling enraged and the energy to show that anger dissipates, people become discouraged. They feel like they have no power and can't bring about change. If you find yourself feeling like that, please read a book, listen to music, take a nap, etc.  Just do something you like so that the fight against unfairness never dissolves. Do not let your anger with unjustness be a moment's ashes. Let it be the flame that burns forever.  

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