What Is Your Favorite Netflix Show or Movie?
What Is Your Favorite Netflix Show or Movie?
  • Kim Han Yujin
  • 승인 2020.10.05 11:55
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Do you enjoy Netflix? Netflix is an OTT service used by people all over the world. Netflix users can watch unlimited drama series, movies, and entertainment programs without the worry of multiple fees. With the number of Netflix users increasing, so are the numbers of programs provided by Netflix. Let’s see what are the best shows on Netflix chosen by Sookmyungians.  



1. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (2018) 
(Yun Seyeon, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering '17) 

One day, I felt like crying without reason. I turned on Netflix to refresh myself and was encouraged by the shows. While there were many great shows, I happened upon this one particular film. Although I just stumbled upon the film, the story made me cry. Once the film was over, I felt a whole lot better and more comfortable than before. I still recall the story, the atmosphere, the music, and the setting. It was all so good that it will now become my all-time favorite. 



2. Black Mirror (2019) 
(Kim Yejin, Division of Law '19) 

This science fiction series is about the adverse effects of the development of science technology and media. Each episode can be watched independently of the others. The unexpected plots and impressive messages in the series keep me focused on each episode. Especially since the ideas in the stories are events that could happen in life, I think a lot about society and myself after watching the show. I recommend everyone watch at least one episode of this drama series. 



3. Lucifer (2020) 
(Kim Minseo, Department of English Language & Literature '19) 

I usually enjoy watching fantasy series or movies on Netflix. A few weeks ago, I turned on Netflix after getting ready to eat and came upon this series. The plot of this is about the Devil and a detective in the human world who investigate criminal cases. It may seem heavy, but it is actually very light and enjoyable. I sometimes laughed at the scenes that show the Devil and the detective talking. I usually don't watch shows that depict violence or cruelty, so this has become a favorite of mine these days.  



4. Unnatural (2018) 
(Jeong Saeyeon, Department of English Language & Literature '19) 

I watched this television drama series because I enjoy medical dramas. However, it is impressive not only for this reason but also because of its realistic and philosophical content. The main character is an autopsy doctor who, along with his colleagues, tries to discover the reason for unnatural mysterious deaths. I focus on the episodes because they are realistic. This drama is not light or funny, but it is captivating. Therefore, I watched the entire season in just two days. 

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