Keep Running
Keep Running
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2013.11.10 15:21
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The 2013 year just seems like it started only yesterday, and yet, it is already November.  Once November ends, there are only a few days left till the new year arrives.  I feel exhausted.  Sometimes, I think of giving up on my plans and starting fresh next year.  To overcome these fall blues, I sought reasons why I should not give up, and during the process, the following saying by Charlie Chaplin hit me intensely.

Life is a tragedy
When seen in close-up,
But a comedy in long-shot.

Charlie Chaplin is a famous comedy actor loved by many people even today.  Unlike his later fame, his life wasn’t always a bowl of cherries.  He was extradited from his home nation due to his political views and confronted lots of scandals.  Regardless, he did not stop and struggled against all he encountered.  His endeavour was strengthened because he kept one thought throughout his life.  All life’s events will later turn into moments of laughter and happiness when they are looked back upon in the future. 

Struggling through incidents throughout the year tires most people and might results in symptoms of fatigue and hopelessness.  Still, like Charlie Chaplin, don’t concentrate on just now but also focus on future.  One year is merely a marathon with November being the point when you realize you are near the finish line.  Don’t stop your running.  Just as marathoners achieve their satisfation right after completion of the hardest trek of the course, once you pass this period, you will gain momentum again.  See the hardships as comical.  Life is really just how you see it.  Don’t stop what you have begun this year.  Keep running towards the finish line.

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