What Does a Librarian Teacher Do?
What Does a Librarian Teacher Do?
  • Na Cho Seongah
  • 승인 2020.11.02 09:55
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Sookmyung Women's University conducted a special lecture from September 21 to 30 for those considering a job as a librarian. The program was a special lecture centering on "School Library Work By Librarians" and was held on Snowboard e-class. The special lecture was part of the "Camp III for Civil Servants of Librarian" organized by the Department of Library & Information Science. All Sookmyung Women's University students were eligible to apply in advance on Snoway from September 18 to 30, and only registered persons could view the uploaded special lectures on Snowboard. Nam Yeohoon, a librarian teacher at Ogeum Middle School, gave an hour and a half lecture on the work of the school library. Using Ogeum Middle School as an example, Nam detailed the operations of the school library, the student reading club, the school library events, and the free-year library utilization programs. From the structure of a school library to annual operations of the school library as well as yearly work of a librarian were explained in detail. In addition, school library events were shown through various photos and video materials. The lecture and materials provided helpful advice to students considering becoming librarian teachers. In particular, the special lecture opened participants’ eyes to what librarians do using real case materials. The free school year system was new to many Sookmyungians. The system works in collaboration with local public institutions to provide free school year programs for public libraries. It was easily understood by participants because the lecturer detailed the system using actual class plans and cases. Because the special lecture focused on students interested in working as a librarian teacher, it centered on the actual work of a librarian at a middle school. It offered participants insight into the work of a librarian without much difficulty. Although the special lecture was held online due to COVID-19, SMT hopes that more programs like these that are aimed at Sookmyungians’ career possibilities will continue.

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