Loving Memories in Snowy Days
Loving Memories in Snowy Days
  • Ahn Ha Yura, Kim Han Yujin
  • 승인 2020.12.01 10:00
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Words like 'snow', 'white', and 'cold' bring up the idea of winter. Winter follows spring, summer, and autumn. It is the season that comes at the end of the year and the season that starts each new year. Winter allows people to finish something old and start something new. They tend to express the feelings that are left behind, or they can meet new people, make new relationships, and share new feelings. One feeling could be love. The combination of 'snow' and 'love' is romantic, but snow is not eternal. Therefore, the love in 'snow' winters is precarious and cautious. In other words, it feels more special than love in spring, summer, and fall. 

COVER OF I’ll Go To You When the Weather Is Fine



"Life is short, and we will all disappear one day, so we don't need to exert ourselves in advance. Until the end, please be happy."

- Eunseob 


I'll go to You When the Weather Is Fine (2018)

Haewon and a student at the art academy where Haewon worked as an instructor in Seoul fell into conflict. To escape the troubles, she goes down to her aunt's pension 'Hodu House', which is located in Hyecheon, Gangwon Province. Arriving in Hyecheon, Haewon sees an old tiled roof house that has been converted into an independent bookstore. Eunseob finds Haewon in front of his independent bookstore while working as an ice rink safety guard at a rice paddy. Eunseob has loved Haewon since high school. One day, after arguing with her aunt, Haewon goes to Eunseob's bookstore. The name of the bookstore is 'Good Night Bookstore.' Haewon becomes the manager of the bookstore. As the bookstore manager, Haewon meets Eunseob often, and over time, they become closer. One day, they go hiking in the mountains together, and there, Eunseob and Haewon confirm their feelings toward each other. After the age of 15, Haewon never drew portraits because, until that time, she did not have expectations of people. However, she starts to draw portraits and also begins to draw her own illustrations. She reconciles with Boyoung, a friend who had spread false rumors about her when she was in high school. Besides, Haewon learns of a secret between her aunt Shim Myungyeo and her mother. She becomes confused after learning the secret, so she returns to Seoul after spending a night with Eunseob. What is the secret Haewon finds out? 



The book, which was made into a drama series in 2020, is full of a wintery atmosphere. Descriptions related to the cold and snow of winter. At the end of the novel, there is a scene where it snows in May. However, just because there are many references to winter, the novel is neither cold nor dry. Readers will feel the warmth of emotions from the actions of the characters. In addition, the book fully incorporates Korean elements such as skating on a rice paddy and operation of a bookstore in an old Hanok building, a traditional Korean-style house. The other charm of this book is the management of the independent bookstore by Eunseob. Eunseob introduces independent books on his private blog. This book is fiction, not a real story, but the details of the books are wonderfully vivid, which makes readers ponder whether they have been actually published. The novel revolves around a love story, but it also contains conflicts between characters. It is regrettable that the conflict between Boyoung and Haewon gets resolved early in the novel, but readers continue to be captivated by the conflict between Haewon, her mother, and Haewon’s aunt as they read on in the novel. Reading this novel, this SMT reporter hopes readers sense the cold outdoors but be filled with warmth in their hearts. 

OFFICIAL POSTER OF <Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind>



"Remember me. Try your best." 

-Clementine Kruczynski 


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

One cold Valentine's Day, Joel, who is bored with life, goes on an impulse trip instead of heading into work. He gets on a train and travels to Montauk beach. There he meets Clementine. She has blue hair and is very cheerful. Joel and Clementine connect rapidly, even though they just met that day. Joel feels he has fallen in love with her. They promise to meet the following day for a date. Joel and Clementine were once a couple two years earlier, but they broke up after a big fight. The fight revolved around their different personalities. Clementine, who was exhausted from the constant fighting, visited 'LACUNA', a firm that erases bad memories. Her memory of Joel is erased, and she goes on to have a new partner. Joel, who was also very upset at the fighting, also visited 'LACUNA' and required them to erase all memory of Clementine. However, during the memory-erasing, Joel realizes he is losing a lot of precious loving memories with Clementine. Joel realizes he still loves Clementine and stops the process of erasing her from his memory. During the process, Joel ran with Clementine, who exists in his memory, from erasing. Joel attempts to hide his love for Clementine, but over time, he forgets Clementine. Will Joel and Clementine recall their love? 

SCREENSHOT OF <Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind>



Have you ever been in love with someone, but after a bad fight, want to break up? You might have wanted to delete all memories of your partner from your mind. However, perfectly erasing one’s memory is not possible, so people must suffer the long hurt if they choose to end a relationship. This movie makes audiences imagine the possibility of erasing the memory of a partner after a breakup. Joel, the main character, wants to erase all memory of his partner Clementine. However, he soon regrets his decision and knows how precious his memories with Clementine are. Although in real life, a place like 'LACUNA' does not exist and people know that after a breakup, they must forget their partner over time. The movie allows audiences to imagine the impossible and ponder the idea of erasing or embracing memories of former partners, bad or good. Joel and Clementine have a second chance to rekindle their relationship. The memory of their love resurfaces and the feeling of love that they once felt remains strong. Anyone who has had troubles between partners and considered a break up will definitely be connected by this movie. Montauk Beach in winter, the setting of the movie, will bring about various emotions by viewers. 


Ahn Ha Yura / Culture Section Editor 
Kim Han Yujin / Woman Section Editor 

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