Be a Local Expert
Be a Local Expert
  • Na Cho Seongah
  • 승인 2021.03.01 09:58
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Screenshot from SNOWAYPark is explaining an old map of Yongsan
Screenshot from SNOWAY
Park is explaining an old map of Yongsan


From January 11 to 14, a local expert from Yongsan gave a special lecture through Snowboard e-class. It was sponsored by the Industrial-Academic and hosted by Sookmyung Women's University Humanities Research Institute. Anyone interested in the subject of the lecture was able to view the e-class. The lecture consisted of an hour-long prerecorded video. The lecturer was Park Heekyung, an alumna of Sookmyung Women's University. She is a graduate of the Department of History and Culture and is currently working as a manager at the Yongsan City Memory Exhibition Center. As an SMU alumna, she mentioned at the beginning of her lecture that she hoped students who viewed the lecture would benefit from learning about the work of local experts. After graduating from university, Park worked in a field unrelated to her major, but she switched to working as a local expert in Yongsan at the recommendation of her professor. She is a resident of Yongsan and has spent her life in the district, so she was interested in the work immediately upon hearing about it. During her lecture, she details her activities as a local expert. In particular, she focused on the "Our Village Healing Sketch Team" project, which created local historical and cultural contents. It was her first project as a local expert. Park is also working as a civil communication space manager at Yongsan Park. This job dictates she communicate with the citizens of the district about Yongsan Park. As a civil communication space manager, she informs citizens about Yongsan Base and helps citizens imagine the Base renovated into a Park. She said once the COVID-19 situation improves, students visit Yongsan Memory Exhibition Center to see exhibitions on Yongsan's history and the plans for the park, learn more about Yongsan, and enhance personal understanding of local experts. Last, Park hopes that the lecture helps students understand the activities of local experts so that students could expand their career option choices.

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