Would You Like to Find Your Destiny?
Would You Like to Find Your Destiny?
  • Choi Song Bojeong
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We lived, are living, and will live. Going through life, people have constantly considered the possibility of time travel and wish to make a time machine. People often desire to go back into the past or to go forward into the future in order to make changes to the present. If time travel became a reality, would everything change for the better or would it change at all? Some say one's life is on a set destiny, so it cannot be altered. After glimpsing of the destiny of others, you will surely ponder your own destiny. 

COVER OF The Time Traveler's Wife



"It's dark now and I'm very tired. I love you, always. Time is nothing." 
-Audrey Niffenegger 


<The Time Traveler's Wife (2006)> 

One day, a woman named Clare appears in front of Henry, a librarian. Clare tells Henry that they are in a close relationship. Henry becomes uncomfortable and embarrassed at her words. However, Henry soon remembers that he is a time traveler due to a genetic disorder. Though he does not want to be a time traveler, he admits he is and believes Clare's words. They soon develop an intimate relationship and get married. The marriage is rocky. Henry frequently leaves Clare on his own because of his time travels. Clare is often distraught at the situation. Henry from the future tries to fill Clare with joy by providing her with the winning lottery numbers. Still, the relationship doesn’t improve. The couple have a child, but the child suffers from the genetic disorder called time deviant disorder. Clare then has a number of miscarriages, so Henry undergoes a vasectomy to end these heart-breaking tragedies. When young Henry, however, visits Clare, they succeed in having a child. Henry travels through time to meet his daughter, Alba. He learns that he dies at a meeting and falls into despair. In the present, Alba is soon born and Henry comes closer to death. Clare hears about Henry's death from their daughter. What will happen to the family now that they are aware of Henry's approaching death? 



The story of the two-volume book starts in volume one with the love story of the two main characters. The second volume is about all the difficulties they struggle through such as the miscarriages and deaths. People often believe time travel will be fantastic. However, time travel is a curse for Henry, who lives unpredictably in a continued state of nakedness. The book presents the difficulties time travelers and their lovers would face as a result of time travel. Henry, as a time traveler, must travel endlessly through time and space to live a normal life, and his wife, Clare, must continually wait for his arrival. Still, the couple's love prevails beyond the limits of time and space, and readers will sense the strength of love and destiny as they read through the book. Readers get the opportunity to reflect on true love and destiny, and furthermore, they will come to better understand themselves and their lives more deeply. Some readers might feel the book could get confusing to read with all the crossing of space and time, but the book unfolds in the form of a diary from the viewpoints of Henry and Clare. Reader will quickly be immersed in the story without difficulty. 




"All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride." 
-Tim Lake 


<About Time (2013)> 

After Tim, the main character turns into 21, Tim's father tells him that all the men in his family can travel back in time after their 21st birthday. Tim gains the ability to travel through time by entering a dark space and concentrating on the time that he would like to travel back to. After leaving home to move to London, Tim meets Mary at a restaurant that he visits by chance with a friend. The two soon become fond of each other and part with the promise of a second encounter. The couple's second encounter doesn't go smoothly. After returning home from his time with Mary, Tim meets his father's friend, Harry, who is upset about his job. Tim travels back in time to help solve the problem. This, however, changes the timeline, so Tim couldn't meet Mary at the restaurant where they first met. Also, Mary doesn't remember Tim when they eventually do meet up in the new timeline. Realizing that Mary does not remember him, Tim takes several trips back in time to try to make Mary like him. Eventually, Tim succeeds in gaining Mary's heart, and the two fall in love. Tim and Mary get married and enjoy a happy marriage, so Tim thinks that he doesn't need to travel in time any longer. However, two tragic events occur, one involving Tim's younger sister and one with Tim's father. The events that he wishes to change are his sister's terrible accident after having a heated argument with her boyfriend and the day his father learns he has only a few days left to live due to a terminal illness. Though Tim wants to travel back in time to change the present situations, he knows if he does, the present also changes. These changes will change his children. What choice will Tim make? Will he go back in time to change the present or will he stay in the present and protect his family? 




People make a lot of mistakes in their lives, and as such, they imagine going back in time to change the current hopeless situation. This movie intrigues audiences because it deals with just this situation and delivers realistic advice from unrealistic situations. In addition, the film also looks at love in various relations, which makes viewers reflect on the preciousness of people close to them. Sensing the love that Tim and his father share, the love that Tim and his sister share, and the love that Tim and his wife Mary share, moviegoers will naturally reflect on people dear to them. The movie has a bright atmosphere and there are a number of witty conversations among the characters. Besides conveying a positive vibe to the audience, the film is enlightening with its profound lessons. In the movie, Tim's father tells his son Tim lessons he learned through time traveling. Tim's father makes a strong plea for being satisfied with the present and to stop obsessing over the past. Viewers realize the importance of the present, doing one's best now, and enjoying life as a pleasant journey. At the end of the movie, everyone will look back on their lives, which will serve as a big turning point in their lives.

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