So Long, Farewell
So Long, Farewell
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin ,Ahn Ha Yura ,Kim Han Yujin ,Kwak Lee Shinyoung ,Lee Hwang Hayoung ,Oh Hwang Junhee ,Jung Kim Hyeseung
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Another year has passed, and some of SMT will see new faces while others will be saying good-bye. SMT would like to give the opportunity for the 87th reporters leaving to say adieu. They have done their best over the last two years.  


It's been two years since you joined SMT. How do you feel knowing this is the last issue you will work on at SMT? 

LHM: I thought two years would never come to an end, but now that the end is here, I'm surprised at how fast the time passed. When I first came to SMT, I knew nothing about university life or being a reporter, but now that I'm a third year student. I'm proud to say I worked at SMT. 
LSY: I went through many difficulties throughout my sojourn, but I can say confidently, I worked hard to complete my tasks throughout the term. I'm sad that the end of my days with SMT has come, but I will never forget my two years at SMT. Every day at SMT as a reporter was valuable. 
HJH: I joined SMT as an academic journalist because I wanted to have numerous diverse experiences. I can honestly say that throughout my time at SMT I learned a lot. It's sad that I have to leave, but I'll continue to keep SMT close. 


What is the most memorable experience you had working at SMT? 

JHS: My first ALUMNAE article is my most memorable experience. The drama script writer Ma Jinwon, known for her scriptwriting for the drama <Voice> and a graduate of Sookmyung, gave Sookmyungians and myself a lot of great advice. I had such a pleasant time interviewing her. 
HYJ: I would say my first interview article because it was the first article I did without much experience in reporting or writing. I was proud of the article completely composed on my own.  
LHY: I will always recall the summer vacation training. Every day during the three weeks of training, I considered quitting. However, I made it through the intense training, and I became very close to other reporters. It was an opportunity to grow on my own. 


What published article are you most proud of? 

LHM: I am proud of the COVERSTORY article "OTT service" that I wrote along with fellow reporter HYR. I feel the article flow is good and informative, and I'm also proud of the layout design. What is more, I was excited to receive all praise from fellow reporters on the article. 
HYR: I would say I am most proud of the COVERSTORY article "What is Freedom?" in the 359th edition. The article presented the history and problems of pseudo-religions, and it also gave readers the opportunity to think about the freedom of religion. 
LSY: The COVERSTORY of 364th "Women's Product, Not for Women" is the one I'm most proud of because it covered a topic that I have genuine interest in. It's not a light topic, so it took time to compose. It was done in collaboration with other reporters, which ensured readers would be able to understand the heavy topic. 


Please tell us what SMT means to you in one word. 

JHS: SMT has been my life's turning point. After entering SMWU, I worked diligently as a SMT reporter and it allowed me to have various experiences. After successfully finishing my 2-year term at SMT, I have gained a lot of confidence and passion. 
LHY: For me, I would use the word 'challenge'. SMT presented me with a series of challenges; the challenge to endure, even when I wanted to give up, the challenge to work as an academic journalist in a specific department, and the challenge to interview new people. 
HJH: SMT can be summed up as spectrum. For two years, SMT showed me various colors and allowed me to experience things like riding a light wave. SMT will continue to affect me with its spectrum of colors in the future. 


Last, please take a moment to say your final farewells. 

LHM: When I first greeted SMT readers two years ago, I vowed to "be a reporter who listens to the voice of the Sookmyungians." I hope I did that well. Every reporter at SMT works hard to convey news of interest to Sookmyungians, so I hope readers continue to look for it. Last, I would like to thank my fellow 87th reporters for their great work and for trusting and following me. 
HYJ: I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to my fellow 87th reporters who have worked together over the last two years. I also wish the current 88th reporters the best. I'm looking forward to reading future magazines, and hope to see hardcopy magazine distribution once again reactivated this year. 
LSY: I'd like to thank all the reporters who worked on great articles with me. I also hope SMT readers continue to show interest in SMT. Although I am no longer part of SMT, I promise to continue to support SMT as a vivid reader.


Kim Lee Hyunmin / Culture Section Editor 

Ahn Ha Yura / Culture Section Editor  

Kim Han Yujin / Woman Section Editor 

Kwak Lee Shinyoung / Woman Section Editor 

Lee Hwang Hayoung / Woman Section Editor 

Oh Hwang Junhee / Society Section Editor 

Jung Kim Hyeseung / Society Section Editor 

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