Participating in Dynamic Sookmyung
Participating in Dynamic Sookmyung
  • Park Ra Minjee
  • 승인 2013.11.28 21:04
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On November 5th, Sookmyung Women’s University held a festival called ‘Dynamic Sookmyung’ at Jamsil gymnasium.  This day was first established to celebrate the Student Counsel Day, but Sookmyung Women’s University organized a rally to strengthen student unity.  An intramural athletic meeting was held and most students from all majors gathered to participate in a variety of activities.  All students were allocated into four groups according to their major and competed in a variety of diverse events.  Starting at 11 a.m, students came together to celebrate Student Day, which began with warm-up activities.  Events included surfing, dodge ball, relay, and tug-of-war.  Most events required many players, so it enabled all students to participate in almost all competitions.  Yoon Seoyoung, Department of Food & Nutrition  ̓13, said, “There were many chances for us to take parts in dynamical events, even though we were not actually athletes.”   Students were free to join any of the activities.  Also, there was a match in which professors and students participated together.  Professor Lee Sohee, Division of Children Welfare and Studies, said, “The festival gave me the great chance to directly communicate with many students.  As I have little chance to spend time with students outside of the classroom, I feel today is a great opportunity not only for students, but also professors.”  After activities had ended, there were wrap-up ceremonies, so Sookmyungians could enjoy an entire day of excitement.

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