Show Off Your Club at the First Night of Club
Show Off Your Club at the First Night of Club
  • Hong Ha Sunwoo
  • 승인 2013.11.28 21:13
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On November 11th, in the Student Center Sum-gim Hall, held the first ‘Night of Clubs.’  The 20th Club Association welcomed and the Student Support Team prepared activities for the event.  About 30 university clubs gathered that night.  The Night of Clubs started with words from Dean of Student Affairs, setting a contest for each club and a description of the management support team that organized the event, which is the first of its kind on campus.  At the Night of Clubs all clubs gathered under one roof to have fun and encourage each other.  Kim Yeonjeong, Division of Business Administration ̓12, member of the Classic Guitar Club Sulhyunae and current Chairperson, said, "There are other club rooms on the same floor, but there’s no chance to communicate with each other."  Through the Night of Clubs, activities by other clubs were detailed and clubs had the opportunity to solidify friendships.  Jeon Raoak, Dean of Student Affairs, said, "It is the clubs that contribute to an autonomic community in the university community and it causes a lack of community spirit.  We hosted this event to gather clubs together to make a joint club society among students."  It was a good chance for everyone to know people in different clubs.  Moreover, the event became the driving force for circles to be connected.

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