The Change of Seasons, the Time To Change Your Attire
The Change of Seasons, the Time To Change Your Attire
  • Na Cho Seongah
  • 승인 2021.04.05 09:59
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Please introduce your personal style to our readers. 

I like to mix both colorful and monotonous items together. As you can see, I am wearing an argyle patterned top and plain jeans. The pattern of my top is quite fancy, but I countered its flashiness with dark green and navy, which is a great balance so I don't stand out excessively. Also, I often wear high-top sneakers or walkers. Whenever you feel your outfit is too monotonous, I recommend brightening it up a bit with a pair of high-tops. 


Please share your spring fashion tips with our readers. 

Spring marks one change of seasons, so the weather is sporadic. Only wearing a heavy sweater can make you feel too hot, but wearing only light wear will result in a chill. I recommend going with layering. Wear multiple thinner fabric clothing for the spring weather. I would also suggest wearing a knitwear sweater over top just in case like me. Without the pockets available to you when you wear a coat, it's a good idea to carry around a small bag. Personally, I like to use a cross-body bag rather than a purse. 


1. Shirt / MUSINSA / 11,590 won 
2. Top / WONDERPLACE / 39,900 won 
3. Pants / JAMBANGEE / Unknown 
4. Shoes / VANS / 95,000 won 
5. Bag / WHOAU / 26,910 won 
6. Accessory (Earcuff) / MUSINSA / 39,900 won

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