Do You Fall Asleep Easily at Night?
Do You Fall Asleep Easily at Night?
  • Na Cho Seongah
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There are people who can't sleep at night. There are people who feel good and then suffer from the sudden plunge of emotions at night. There are also people who suffer from depression beyond the normal range who cannot comfortably fall asleep. Lots of people live with mental illnesses and their illnesses can come on as quickly as catching a cold during the changing of seasons. Some people have a hard time recognizing that they are suffering from a mental illness and some people once they discover their illness work hard at overcoming it. Through books and movies, audiences have a chance to observe their lives and the people surrounding them.

COVER OF Mrs. Dalloway



"I leave my heavy baggage at sea and my heart cries out, 'Don't be afraid anymore.'


<Mrs. Dalloway (1925)>

Clarissa, the wife of a high-ranking government official, is a woman in her fifties who leads a prosperous life. Clarissa goes out onto the street to buy flowers for a dinner party, and she encounters a roar of car accidents on the street. Septimus and his wife then appear at the scene. Septimus suffers from a severe mental illness brought on by losing a dear friend during World War I. Clarissa arrives home and is preparing for the dinner party. Clarissa's former partner Peter visits her house. Clarissa, at the time, is at a loss because she has not been invited to the grand celebrity party. Nonetheless, Clarissa and Peter have a great time. The story then returns to Septimus and his wife Letcia. They visit a doctor to receive treatment for Septimus' mental illness. To ensure his mental stability, Letcia takes good care of Septimus, and the two live happily, even more so that in the past. However, the doctor suddenly informs Septimus of his pending death. How will Septimus deal with this news, and how will others around him handle the news? Also, will Clarissa, who is planning a huge dinner party ever finish preparations and host the party safely?



The novel is written through the eyes of Clarissa, Richard's wife, and the people around Richard. The novel uses the situation of the characters and minds of the characters to give readers a glimpse of their consciousness. In the novel, the flow and content of Septimus' thoughts show how he manages his mental illness symptoms, which cause him to experience disabilities and auditory hallucinations much similar to those of an elderly person. The novel centers around two parties. However, author Virginia Woolf's details of Septimus, who is mentally ill seem somewhat detached from the main plot. Although Virginia Woolf seems to insert an unrelated story to the main plot with the character Septimus, a character's main claim is a projection of herself, the plot is better understood when readers of the book pay attention to her intention to present her life in the novel. Septimus' experiences of auditory hallucinations and his feelings of being confined to a closed ward for treatment were real-life experiences of Virginia Wolfe at the time. Researchers who interpreted the character of Septimus in the book have claimed it represents Virginia Woolf's suicide note. Through the characters in the novel suffering from psychosis, I hope they learn how to live their lives. This reporter learned that mental illness treatment in the past was completely different from what it is now.

OFFICIAL POSTER OF <Sleeping With The Enemy>



"I knew there would be an opportunity to escape his surveillance, so I broke the lamppost and marked it in the direction."


<Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)>

The film is about Laura, a beautiful woman with a husband who suffers from severe delusional jealousy and mysophobia. Laura married her husband Martin because of his good looks and wealth. However, her marriage was nothing but terrible. Because of her husband, Laura suffered every day. She was assaulted by her husband every day. One day she decided to leave her husband because she was fed up. Because she had to be always by her husband's side and monitored by him, she had to create a big plan to leave him. In the end, her plan worked well and Laura leaves her husband. Laura changes her name to Sarah and tries to establish a new life in a new area. Laura meets Ben, a professor and happily falls in love. However, his husband Martin tracks Laura's whereabouts to her mother at a nursing home. He hides in the home to find Laura. Laura notices him and together with Ben fight against Martin. Will Laura defeat Martin?

SCREENSHOT OF <Sleeping With The Enemy>



The film presents the hardship a person must endure to care for a patient with a mental illness. The title of the movie covers the content of the movie well. Just as the title implies, Laura's vividly horrifying marriage to a mentally ill husband is shown. In the book, the patient suffering from the mental illness faces the illness and tries to manage it, but in the film, the story presents the psychological and physical suffering of the person caring for the mentally ill person. Viewers can expect to see Laura battling through the difficulty in treating and calming her husband Martin, and viewers will surely sympathize with her when she decides to leave him. After watching the film, you might consider situations when you couldn't report cases of abuse suffered by a patient with a mental illness, despite clear cases of domestic violence. Also, from Laura's position, movie-goers will enjoy a richer experience because the threshold to overcome mental illness is higher than one expects. Laura's love affair with Ben, the man she leaves Martin for, gives her hope in marriage again after suffering a pathologically difficult marriage to Martin. You will go through various emotions viewing Laura's decision to leave Martin by the end of the movie, so this reporter hopes you watch this movie.

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