Are We Abnormal?
Are We Abnormal?
  • Choi Song Bojeong
  • 승인 2021.04.05 09:59
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Grotesque means irrational and weird. Typically, it associates with unpleasant images and negative emotions that are against the norm of society, but artists and society seem to be attracted to grotesque imagery. A lecture on this phenomenon, which many consider beyond comprehension, was held on February 25. The lecture, titled "Grotesque and 'Unpleasant Aesthetics'", was one of the lectures in the series on the theme of Unfamiliarity, Disgust, Fear, and Displeasure. It was a pre-recorded lecture due to COVID-19, and applications to participate were processed in advance through the SnoWay website. Special guest lecturer Lee Jaegul, who teaches the theory of art at Chung-Ang University and works as an art critic, explained the phenomenon through aesthetic analysis procedures. Lee also used lecture materials that aroused psychological displeasure to improve viewers' understanding of the phenomenon. According to the lecture, the idea of grotesque violates the good character or dignity of humanity, but on the other hand, it can also enrich humanity by revealing human alienation and stimulating the imagination. Then, the use and idea of the word grotesque serves as the warm attention for others, acting as an artistic tool, and as the guide for one's identity and humanity. Lecturer Lee said, "The purpose of the lecture is to create a philosophical awakening and to enhance understanding of modern art. I hope you in the audience develop the ability to correctly experience diverse arts and cultural phenomena through this lecture." And, an anonymous student participant said, "I am often attracted to strange images, but I didn't know why. I just felt perplexed at the thought of I'm not a normal person. However, I found out it was quite natural to have these emotions, and I now have a stronger desire to explore another cultural phenomenon." The high demand for these types of lectures by students, approximately 270 viewed the pre-recorded lecture, reveals that students are deeply interested in the subject-matter. SMT hopes that similar lectures help students to further their three-dimensional thoughts.

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