Fostering Female Air Force Officers in Sookmyung
Fostering Female Air Force Officers in Sookmyung
  • Park Sung Iyoung
  • 승인 2021.09.01 09:59
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Sookmyung Women's University was the first women's university to establish the Air Force ROTC. On July 5, the Ministry of National Defense announced that Sookmyung Women's University was selected for additional installation of the Air Force ROTC. Therefore, SMWU became the first women's university to run two ROTC programs, including the Military ROTC, established in 2010. SMWU has continued academic exchanges with the Air Force over the past decade, recognizing the importance of the future aviation and space sectors. There have been various activities including continuous academic exchanges with the Air Force Academy, holding an aerospace forum with the Air Force University, and professors' activities for the development of the Air Force. In addition, cooperation in aviation, computers, and space are expected based on the achievements of the new engineering department in 2016. In addition, SMWU has shown outstanding performance since it established the first Military ROTC at a women's university in Korea in 2010, ranking first in summer training among ROTC universities for two years. Meanwhile, SMWU has produced a number of major commanders, including Kang Sunyoung, commander of aviation operations, and the first chief prosecutor of the Navy Colonel Ko Minsook. Based on these experiences, SMWU runs the Air Force ROTC and will do its best to foster female leaders. On August 10, an online briefing session provided information to students interested in the Air Force ROTC. Sookmyung Women's University Air Force 51st Academy Officer candidate recruitment began on August 16 and will finish on September 10. Any second-year student who meets the requirements can apply for candidate recruitment.

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