Music Is Everywhere Near You
Music Is Everywhere Near You
  • Sang Lim Hyeji, Na Cho Seongah
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What kind of music is on your playlist? There will be a variety of genres, ranging from classical music without lyrics to pop music that may have lyrics in foreign languages or K-pop music. When you study, exercise, or have a hard time, you listen to music. We listen to a variety of music according to our situation and mood. While reading this, you might think of a song that fits you.




"Then why did Yasuomi send the tape to me? It's been almost 20 years since I graduated, and we weren't that close even when we were in school."


<Kanon (1998)>

Mizuho is a music teacher at an elementary school. One day, she hears of the death of her old friend Yasuomi Gasai. Yasuomi Gasai was an undergraduate friend who had an extraordinary musical talent. He played music as a hobby, while Mizuho had to learn music for her livelihood. Mizuho was jealous of him because of that, but on the other hand, she loved him. Yasuomi, however, constantly turned a blind eye to Mizuho's feelings and just devoted himself to music. As time went on, they lost contact. But 20 years later, news of Gasai's suicide comes to Mizuho. She went to Gasai's funeral and was handed a tape from Gasai's younger brother Yujo, which Yasuomi left to her. But after receiving the tape, Mizuho begins to see Yasuomi constantly. When the tape is played, Yasuomi playing the violin appears in front of Mizuho and stares at her. Even if the frightened Mizuho stops listening, he does not disappear. Then, he begins to invade Mizuho's life. He begins to reveal himself to Mizuho's family, to Mizuho's school children, and others around Mizuho. Why did Yasuomi leave behind the tape to Mizuho, and what does he want to say to her?



This book is a musical mystery novel written by Setsuko Shinoda who won the Naoki Prize, the second-largest Japanese literary award in the 1990s. The mysterious events that start from the moment that Mizuho gets the tape from Yasuomi, and the riddle of relationship between Yasuomi and Mizuho, which seemed to have ended 20 years ago engross the reader in the book. In particular, the writer's detailed description of the situation gives the reader a feeling of fear like Mizuho. Also, like the title of the book, the description of Canon which changes as the events progress, adds interest to the book. Because Canon is a key to creating a relationship between Yasuomi and Mizuho, the description of the music changes depending on the change in Mizuho's feelings about Yasuomi. If the readers follow the changes in the music, this book will show them the shift of a 20-year-old's passion into madness.




"Now I need you despite the fact that you've killed all my plants."
-Alex Fletcher


<Music & Lyrics (2007)>

A middle-aged man sings and dances in front of small audiences. He was once a member of the famous boy band 'POP,' which had many fans, but now he has few stages to stand on. He gets a sweet offer, a collaboration with the famous singer Cora. Being a fan of Alex, she asks him to make a new song for her concert in two weeks. She even makes a specific request that the title be "A Way Back into Love," which is about her getting over her broken heart. Alex refuses at first, but he eventually starts working on the song because he can't refuse the manager. Disliking the lyrics of the songwriter invited to work on the song, he overhears Sophie, the manager of his plants, humming. Taken by her lyrics, he persuades her to sign on as a lyricist. When Alex tells Sophie not to feel pressured because lyrics are less important than melodies, she replies that melodies are physical attraction at first sight, but lyrics are the process of getting to know each other. To find inspiration for lyrics that can be seen as hidden stories, the two spend a long time together, and many episodes occur before the song is completed. Which episodes can Sophie and Alex complete the song with successfully?




The movie captured the process of completing a single song in one movie story with an introduction, development, turn, and conclusion. That's the best way to express this movie. There are two main reasons why this movie was so popular. First, the OST represents their love story. The moment Alex and Sophie gradually open up to each other is when Sophie says that lyrics are the process of getting to know each other. These lines and the eyes of the characters are some of the factors that make up the movie. Also, the song 'A Way Back into Love', which was written together for Cora, was loved by many people. The lyrics of the song also make one guess if they represent the love story between the two. This SMT Reporter hopes you don't miss the touching story of a man and a woman who find new love through music.


Sang Lim Hyeji / Editor-in-Chief
Na Cho Seongah / Society Section Editor

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