Empowerment to Be a Teacher
Empowerment to Be a Teacher
  • Park Gil Yeonseo
  • 승인 2021.10.05 10:53
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Enhancing the Field Competence of Prospective Teachers for 2021 Graduate School Students and Educational Students


SMWU's Teacher Training Center is running a special lecture program titled "Enhancing the Field Competence of Prospective Teachers for 2021 Graduate School Students and Educational Students" from September 13 to November 30. The program aims to enhance the students' understanding of prospective teachers' school sites, strengthen their responsiveness to future environmental changes, and foster their personalities. The program is being held online and consists of the following six topics: counseling and guidance on youth issues, understanding multiculture and multicultural families, strengthening unification education, democratic education and ethics, and strengthening expertise in digital age classes. The topic of "Counseling and Guidance on Youth Issues" treats interpersonal relationships, personality and poor learning, and the principles and techniques of parental counseling. In addition, the special lecture on "strengthening unification education" includes such as changes and characteristics of the inter-Korean division, the status of unification education, understanding of North Korean youth, and the increase and education of North Korean defectors. The lectures are given by SMWU professors such as those in the Department of Education and the Division of General Education, Ph.D. holders of the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation, high school teachers, and external instructors. Applicants can apply for it through the website of extracurricular programs and can subsequently listen to the lectures uploaded through Snowboard. Among those who complete this program, those who participate in more than 30 hours combined from the lectures on all topics may be issued a certificate of being an excellent preliminary teacher by the Dean of Education or the Graduate School of Education. The certificate will be distributed by e-mail to each of the graduates, or printed copies can be collected from Jinri Hall No. 504. Through this program, education-related students will be able to strengthen their capabilities in the field.

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