Sookmyung in Singapore
Sookmyung in Singapore
  • Hong Ha Sunwoo
  • 승인 2014.03.07 16:31
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On January 13th, Hwang Sunhye, president of Sookmyung Women’s University visited Singapore Nanang Technological University.  There the university made a general exchange agreement and student exchange agreement with the president and representatives of Nanang Technological University.  Also, they agreed on the number of exchange students.  Hwang Sunhye also met Olivia Lum, CEO of Hyflux, to present her with an honorary doctorate from SMU.  She promised continuing support for SMU and promised to found a Olivia Lum Honor’s Club, which would support 20 students and various mentor programs.  President Hwang Sunhye also met with local Sookmyung alumni.  The Singapore Alumni Association was first established by Yoon Guembong, graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature in 1968.  This Alumni Association has just 20 members but actively works on providing development funds.  They welcomed the SMU visiting group and donated 6,450 Singapore dollars to a development fund for SMU.  Jo Seokyoung, president of the Alumni Association said, “We try to support SMU’s development now and forever.”  Park Chunil, commissioner of International Cooperation said, “We have achieved notable international results, not only by arranging exchanges with the famous college, but also by receiving the promise of supports from a global company."

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