Gentle Power to Change the World with New Sookmyungians!
Gentle Power to Change the World with New Sookmyungians!
  • Jin Lim Youjeong
  • 승인 2014.03.07 16:39
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On February 19, 2014, Sookmyung Women’s University held its entrance ceremony for first year students at Jamsil Interior Gymnasium.  The entrance ceremony was arranged by the university headquarters and it was divided into three parts.  During the first part, all fresh Sookmyungians watched SMU’s promotion video.  First year student Ahn Nuri, Department of Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management ’14, said, “The entrance ceremony was not only open to Sookmyungians, but also to our families.  Both my family and I felt the pride of being Sookmyungians.”  After watching the video, new students learn and sang the university song.  The second part was when the real excited started.  Firstly, the flags of the twelve academic fields were marched in by leadership groups, and ambassadors with showing their own color.  After that, professors and Sookmyung President Hwang Sunhye entered.  President Hwang said, “SMU’s slogan is Gentle Power to Change the World.  Therefore, Sookmyungians show leadership in society both domestically and internationally.  This idea was redefined in the university’s new proclamation, SM Global I Promise.”  The final part was a fancy celebration.  Sookmyung dance club MAX and cheering squad NIVIS heated up the gymnasium.  Especially, singer Sweet Sorrow sang a sweet melody.  After the entrance ceremony, all new Sookmyungians left for department-specific orientation.

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