Be Simple and Chic for Summer
Be Simple and Chic for Summer
  • Yoon Kim Eunji
  • 승인 2022.06.03 10:43
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Please introduce your personal style to our readers.

I usually mix and match clothes that are common and clothes that are somewhat unique. To express my fashion style in one word, I can say it's a hip style. While pursuing a hip style, I wear clothes that are comfortable and focus on stylish fashion. Also, I tend to wear a lot of achromatic color clothes. This is because achromatic clothes are the best colors that are less affected by skin tone or season. Since it is a relatively simple color, wearing achromatic clothes can attract more attention to my face, so I enjoy wearing them.


Please share your summer fashion tips with our readers.

In the summer of 2022, ribbed materials that is barely see-through appeared as a new trend concept. So, I coordinated my inner top with a tight ribbed short sleeve shirt. For those who feel cold in summer, wearing a cardigan made of a ribbed material that are barely see-through keeps you warm but makes you look cool. The pants are also made of a ribbed material and the hem is cut neatly to create a cooler summer feeling. Therefore, this summer, if you wear achromatic color clothes and a thin cardigan with cool and neatly cut pants, you can enjoy both style and comfort.


1. Cardigan / Unknown / 23,000 won
2. Top / Unknown / 15,000 won
3. Pants / Unknown / 39,000 won
4. Shoes / Converse / 40,000 won
5. Bag / ZARA / 59,000 won

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