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  • Park Sung Iyoung
  • 승인 2022.09.02 09:46
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Hello, Sookmyungians! The hot summer has gone, and fall has come. How was your vacation? I'm sure you've spent two months well for yourself.
Over the summer at the Sookmyung Times, there was much training of the cub reporters and preparation for the September issue. Every summer vacation, the cub reporters at SMT practice writing main articles for each department. The section editors and I read their articles and advised them on how to improve. During the training, I remembered my cub reporter days last year when I was writing articles in the same situation as them. Although my articles at that time were somewhat lacking in terms of skill, the articles showed my determination to work hard. It was the same this year. Sometimes it was overflowing and sometimes lacking, but the cub reporters showed their efforts in struggling to complete an article well. As I watched them try hard, I recalled my initial mindset. Last semester, I found a mistake only after the magazine was published. At the time, I was very ashamed to have this mistake. Familiarity and conceit seem to have clouded my initial mindset. For the rest of the semester, I will go back to my beginning and greet you with better articles.
It is heading towards the second half of the year. At this point in time, we often forget the most important thing in our fast-paced lives. Before your passion fades away, remember your beginning when you were fiercer than now.

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