A Program for Freshmen's Meaningful Vacation
A Program for Freshmen's Meaningful Vacation
  • Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2022.09.02 09:46
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For first-year students who want to continue to study during summer vacation, the '2022 Summer Vacation Freshman Learning Community Program' was held. Only freshmen could apply from June 10 to 26. This program is team-oriented and each team includes three to six people. When the team leader opened a new group, students applied as team members of that group. Also, there is a way to participate in this program even if the team was not formed before the application. If students apply individually with the learning topic that they want, team matching would proceed later. After the teams were decided, each team should write down the group's name, learning method, rules, and plans in the learning plan and submit them. Also, teams chose one type of learning community between 'subject' and 'free topic.' The teams that chose type 'subject' took supplementary study or deep learning on their major subjects. And 'free topic' is the type in which team members can learn various topics except for their major. About 30 teams had been selected based on the plan, and they did activities from July 1 to August 31 at least a total of 15 hours, seven times for five weeks. Groups that participate in the orientation and submit reports are selected as a 'general certification group' and received 10,000 mileage per member. Some of them were selected as an 'excellent certification group' and received 100,000 won in scholarships per person. Participant Lee Jinju, majoring in Public Administration, said, "I chose 'free topic' type to study TOEIC for the Learning Community Program. The best thing was that I kept studying English during the vacation. I think I wouldn't have studied English during the summer vacation unless I participated in this program with my colleagues." Through the learning community program, first-year students of SMWU were able to continue their learning activities with the theme they wanted even not in the semester.

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