Into the Stories of Incumbents in Global Companies
Into the Stories of Incumbents in Global Companies
  • Ju Kim Jiyeong
  • 승인 2022.10.05 09:52
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2022 Global Corporate Special Lectures


SMWU's Job Plus Center prepared a total of five "2022 Global Corporate Special Lectures" from August 1Q0 to August 19. Not only students at SMWU but also local youths, including graduates, could take the course. Students could apply for participation on SNOWAY and the programs were accessible through Zoom. In the program, people working at global companies such as Lego Korea and Microsoft gave lectures. In the special lecture held at 7:30 p.m. on August 17, Moon Joonrae, who is working on Signify (Philips Korea), participated. He majored in sports science at college, worked at several companies, and is currently in charge of project sales at Signify. The lecture was largely divided into the introduction of the mentor and the job, an explanation of the job preparation, and Q&A time. He introduced the organization chart of foreign companies and the roadmap for overseas sales jobs, saying that 50 percent of his work is to discover customer businesses. He explained his overseas sales duties in detail, from contacting customers to checking production availability, contracting orders, and managing production. Also, he gave practical information to students by sharing his resume that he wrote when he actually applied, his portfolio, and the job preparation process. In addition, when applying for this program on SNOWAY, students could ask questions in advance, which he answered during the lecture. Students generally wondered whether the experience of staying abroad is important and how important foreign language skills are to join foreign companies. An anonymous student who took this special lecture said, "I am interested in global companies, and it was good to get a lot of vivid information from the lecturer. In particular, he showed us his real resume, so I was able to get an idea of how to prepare for overseas employment." This special lecture was a time for students interested in finding jobs at global companies to get useful and practical information.

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