We Wish You a Stylish Christmas!
We Wish You a Stylish Christmas!
  • Park Gil Yeonseo
  • 승인 2022.12.02 10:16
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Please introduce your style to our readers.

If I define my style, I think it's "conceptual." I think it's most important to emphasize a certain point when being conceptual. Also, I focus on matching the TPO (time-place, position-place, object-identity), especially the place to go. The good thing about knowing what the place looks like is that you can get a pretty picture. Think about what kind of clothes you'll wear in your head, and then recreate them with an item that has the most impressive part of the imaginary person. Then you'll be able to enjoy the fun of wearing clothes.


Please share your Christmas fashion tips with our readers.

I try to follow the Western culture at Christmas as it is a holiday that originated in the West. When I go to a vintage shop selling clothes from the U.S. or Europe, I feel like I am spending Christmas abroad. The set-up I am wearing was also bought at a vintage shop. The charm of vintage is its reasonable price and rarity. Buying the only piece in the world at a good price makes me feel very pleased. I also wanted to be warm at Christmas, so I wore a turtleneck and boots.


1. Set-up / Vintage Shop / 50,000 won
2. Cap / Dryrose / 5,000 won
3. Turtleneck / Black-up / 15,000 won
4. Shoes / Unknown / 80,000 won

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