The Mind When It Tries Something Strange
The Mind When It Tries Something Strange
  • Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2023.03.03 09:51
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March, when sprouts begin to grow, makes people excited. A fresh start makes you look forward to and gives an expectation about the future, so it becomes a motivation to move forward. However, it can also give the reverse feeling. When people start something new, they feel like they are going toward a strange, unknown place. It also lets them avoid trying something. People face all these challenges with different minds, but some books or movies can give encouragement to those who want to do something new, showing how to tackle it.




"I don't know whether this is the first or last, but I'm just trying."


<Tube (2022)>

Seonggon, having lived a so-called 'failed life,' decided to kill himself, but that also failed. Having a habit of stooping, he started reflecting on his life and determined to try to change his posture. After that, he happened to meet Jinseok, a part-timer at a pizza store run by Seonggon. Seonggon didn't take this meeting lightly. He tried to make a relationship with Jinseok, and they became friends by encouraging each other. The next thing he decided to change was his habit of frowning. He tried to keep a smile on his face and wanted to share his small but positive attempt with someone. So, he created a YouTube channel, called "Straw Project," to support the new attempts of people who are in the same position as he was in the past. From those experiences, he realized that some attempts which are considered small and trivial are actually important. Can he eventually change his life as he wants? Will he face a happy ending to his life?



This book mainly tells us the story of a man, Seonggon, but simultaneously is about his ex-wife and his daughter or Jinseok. Each of them dreams of their own new attempts and makes an effort to reach their goals. Though it is just a novel, maybe it can be the story of everyone. Many people don't go in one way or don't live with only one pattern. Some people want to change something that they have, and others want to return to their original state. To get these, sometimes people have to change. This book gives a warm encouraging message to those who dream of a challenge. Also, the characters in this book display the importance of an attitude that cherishes small attempts and acts steadily. It will make the readers think about having a mental attitude to overcome something and take a step forward when they fail something and seem incompetent. This reporter recommends this book to those who want to make a change in their life but feel like a little attempt is useless. The story presents the magic of a "useless thing."




"I'm really not so ordinary."
-August Pullman


<Wonder (2017)>

August Pullman — Auggie — was born with facial deformities and has scars on his face after 27 surgeries. Due to his scars, he is reluctant to go outside, and when he does go out, he always wears a helmet to cover his face. In fifth grade, his mother wants to send him to school instead of homeschooling. So he begins attending school, but some kids led by a boy named Julian bullied him. Auggie, who is having a hard time because of bullying, is then approached by a boy called Jack and they become friends. On the other hand, Olivia, the elder sister of Auggie, is like a peripheral planet that surrounds the sun of the house, Auggie. In this environment, she likes to listen to others' words rather than express her own opinion. For the new semester, she has decided to enter a theater group and she wants to play a leading role in the play. Can Auggie overcome bullying and lead a fun school life? Will Olivia be able to get the role she wants?




This is a family movie about a boy with a disability and its effect on his family as he grows up. It focuses on the perspective of Auggie but also on the people around him. It can help readers satisfy their curiosity about the characters' feelings and backstories. Therefore, viewers can become more immersed in it and more easily understand it. Also, it sends a message to viewers to accept others' differences and spend time with them regardless. This is important for those who spend time with people who are different from them. However, this reporter recommends this movie from another point of view. Auggie entered school, a new world, after he had lived for 12 years in his own world. Other students thought of and saw him as a monster. So, he became depressed but didn't stop and kept going to school. Auggie didn't let others interrupt his new start. It makes viewers realize how they engage when they try something new, or are going through an ordeal. It says people need the mindset to not be afraid of strange things.

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