With the Name of Sookmyung on Our Back, Be Proud!
With the Name of Sookmyung on Our Back, Be Proud!
  • Lee Gayun
  • 승인 2023.03.03 09:51
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Please explain to our readers about your favorite outfit from last year.

Last year, my favorite fashion was wearing a school jacket. For me as a class of '22 student, the school jacket was the biggest factor that could make Sookmyung's name look proud. If you walk with the shining name of Sookmyung on your back, people look at you. As a Sookmyungian who loves SMWU, I often used it as a fashion item to express myself. Because I thought it could be a kind of school marketing. Above all, it has the advantage of keeping me warm yet still stylish on a cold day, so I mainly wore it as outerwear. I think the class of '23, freshman, probably feels the same as me! :) "Proud" of Sookmyung. I can refer to this as one of the key words for my favorite outfit last year.


Please share your fashion tips for wearing school jackets with our readers.

School jackets can be worn in a variety of sizes, from fitted to large, depending on your individual style. I bought XL size and wore it oversized. It's a bit loose, so you do layering. In my style, a pink shirt and two-way cardigan were all layered to make the most of the warmth and look stylish. The school jacket style is a baseball jumper, so it's quite casual. It really goes well with sporty or casual looks, and I think you can create a variety of outfits if you wear a low-rise skirt or wide pants like me! Please note, however, that wearing a thick jacket when you layer your tops may make you look bigger.


1. Shirt / UNIQLO Lemaire collection / Unknown
2. Two-way cardigan / ZARA / 169,000 won
3. School jacket / SMWU / Unknown

4. Low-rise skirt / ZARA / 59,900 won
5. Shoes / ADER / 302,700 won

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