Aren’t We All Liars?
Aren’t We All Liars?
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2014.04.10 21:55
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April Fool’s Day will soon be upon us.  Sookmyungians often prepare events like wearing high school uniforms to class.  I have also fooled my friends and had fun on this day.  On April Fool’s Day many people openly lie and enjoy it!  However, apart from this day, we are taught since childhood that lying is bad and to not lie.  However, are all lies as bad as we are taught they are? 

In fact, life is full of lies.  We often offer empty words to friends, family and colleagues to maintain good relationships.  We enjoy the false images of celebrities and find happiness from it.  Even the novels we read are deceitful.  In other words, we live with lies and benefit from them although we are constantly claiming lies are bad.  

There is a book that approaches ‘lying’ from a unique perspective.  It attempts to break stereotypes surrounding lying.  Ian Leslie, author of the book Born Liars says, “We hate lies and liars.  But if lying is wrong, why do we all do it – to others, and to ourselves?”  He admits lying is human nature and everyone is born a liar.  In fact, lying is what builds society and makes life more joyful.  For example, lying leads to better relationships, success, happiness and so on.  The book claims that if there were no lies in life, humans would die of despair and boredom.  Leslie concludes his claim with the idea that whether or not one likes it, humans are born liars and lies are crucial for survival and the development of society.

How about breaking society’s stereotype regarding lying today?  Not all lies are bad despite what we are taught.  Lies done at the right time and at the right place that don’t hurt others can make people happy.  It adds a little spice to life, making life much more pleasant.  That said, don’t lie too much on April Fool’s Day!

Yoo Kim Juhee / Editor-in-Chief
smt_jkim@sm. ac. kr



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