Welcome to Sookmyung Library!
Welcome to Sookmyung Library!
  • Hong Ha Sunwoo
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From March 10th until the 21st, the school library offered tour programs for first year students. There were three kinds of programs: an online program, a library tour that involved listening to Smartier as it explained the Sookmyung library, an experiencing firsthand library services.  The programs were posted by the Department of Academic Information.  Kim Suyeng, head of the Department of Academic Information said, “These programs’ goal is to help freshmen use and approach the Sookmyung library more easily.”  The online program was held in the Education Room, which is located on the 2nd floor of the library.  The online programme permitted only 26 students per program to participate.  Students learn how to the library homepage, and the program takes 50 minutes to complete.  The library tour with Smartier takes 50 minutes, and 30 students per tour may participate.  Students must gather at the library lobby and visit places in the library as they listen to Smartier’s explanation.  Kim Kyunga, Division of Law ’14, said, “I reserved a spot on the library Smartier tour beforehand because by joining the program, I could learn more about our library, especially about how to use its services.”  As students experience and learn about library services, they can receive stamps from each library station, which could result in a prize from a lottery draw at the library.

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