Reinterpretation: Putting a New Spin on Film
Reinterpretation: Putting a New Spin on Film
  • Kim Jang Yunsun
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Movies are one kind of media that influence us a lot. They bring us enjoyment and at the same time deliver lessons with a deep resonance. They capture the lives of ordinary people or show extraordinary fantasy worlds. As such, various movie moments hold a place in our memories. SMT invites Sookmyungians to an exhibition that will remind them of memorable movie moments through illustrations.



Moments in film

Max Dalton, a world-renowned illustrator, unveiled his work inspired by old movies, music, and books at the exhibition. He mainly re-expresses movies with illustrations, and those have unique colors that evoke nostalgia such as personal memories in the audience. In this exhibition, the audience can find color through works such as The Grand Budapest Hotel as well as special works using the Korean movies such as <Mother> and <Snowpiercer> displayed. These works, which give off a warm and vintage atmosphere, give audiences a special experience. Including those three, about 130 works are displayed in three sections.
Max Dalton, Movie Moments were exhibited in the 63 Art Hall on the 60th floor of 63 Square in Yeouido. To get there from Sookmyung Women's University, take the Yongsan 04 bus toward Cheongpa Elementary School and get off at the Malli Market Entrance stop. Then take bus 261 heading toward Hankyoreh Newspaper, which can be caught opposite the Malli Market Entrance stop. Taking bus 216, the 63 Building stop will be the ninth stop. Finally, the entrance to 63 Square can be seen after walking for about six minutes from the bus stop. Tickets cost 15,000 won and both on-site and online purchases are available. The exhibition began on December 9, 2022, and runs until October 29, 2023. It is open all year round from 10 a.m. to 20 p.m. every day. Guided tours are provided at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, free of charge, and limited to 20 people at a time.


Go inside the movie world

At the beginning of the exhibition, a saying by film director Francois Truffaut is displayed. "Three movies a day, three books a week and a great music record will be enough to make me happy until the day I die." In other words, happiness does not disappear as long as movies, books, and music exist. The exhibition Max Dalton, Movie Moments encompasses. As the exhibition's creator, he wants to give the audience a special experience through his works. Since his works are composed of summaries of the movies and their best scenes, he hopes to explore movie scenes by capturing his own colors. In addition, using LPs which are re-designed from old ones and picture book series of his tastes and hobbies shows how his art world was created. This SMT reporter looked at how popular movies were reborn in his hands.
There are three exhibition sections: 'Movie Moments', the 'Wes Anderson Collection', and 'Max Dalton's Moments'. The first introduces illustrations that reconstruct masterpieces of various genres from the perspective of writers. This section allows the visitors to recall the greatest moments in movies. In addition, at the end of this section, works connected with Bong Joonho, such as <Parasite> and <Snowpiercer>, are displayed. In the second section, there are works by Max Dalton that reinterpret Wes Anderson's work. Wes Anderson is Max Dalton's favorite film director, creating beautiful mise-en-scène which refers to everything in the scenery and stage arrangement. Visitors can see The Grand Budapest Hotel, describing the movie <The Grand Budapest Hotel>, which is the most famous work of his illustrations. This work gives a unique mood though the strange atmosphere of Wes Anderson's movies and Max Dalton's painting colors. Following that, the last section exhibits LP album covers, painting books, and pictures drawn by imagining his favorite artist working on them. It shows the inspirations and tastes that shaped his work. The works also show respect and love for musicians and artists Dalton admires. This space makes one feel as if peeping into a collection room he's been building for a long time. Therefore, the moments that the artist has loved, collected, and created for a long time can be felt.


Ratings: ★★★★★

This exhibition delivers the echo of movies to the audience. When looking at his work, the audience can recall the movies that disappeared from their memories and think about movies they haven't seen. The exhibition space also helped visitors appreciate his works since the space was well suited to the artist's style in terms of color and interior. If the visitors like movies, it will be fun to see how the writer interpreted a movie you watched. Even if the visitors haven't watched many movies but want to watch more, it will be a guideline to discover good movies. This SMT reporter recommends the exhibition to both those who haven't watched many movies and those who have.

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