Leadership Groups Make Synergy through the Festival
Leadership Groups Make Synergy through the Festival
  • Koo Kim Gyohyun
  • 승인 2014.04.11 09:41
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From March 11st to 13th, the Sookmyung Leadership Group Festival was held at Queen Sunheon Square.  This festival is held annually by the Sookmyung Leadership Group Association, which consists of about 40 leadership groups.  This festival provides sufficient information about each leadership group and promotes active interaction between groups and students.  Throughout the festival, Sookmyung expected a synergy effect to develop among Sookmyungians.  Park Seoyeon, head of the Sookmyung Leadership Group Association, stated, “Unlike last year, we held the festival much earlier in March to unite more students, especially the new frosh.  As leadership groups are a unique part of Sookmyung culture, we made a strong push for more students to join.”  Accordingly, each group held diverse events to promote themselves such as playing board games and temporary tattooing.  Despite the bad weather, not only frosh but also other Sookmyungians showed keen interest in the festival.  Kim Gayoung, Department of TESL ’13 expressed satisfaction, saying, “Although I had great desire to join a leadership group, getting enough information about available groups was difficult.  However, I received invaluable information thanks to the festival.”  Sookmyungians are already looking forward to the next Sookmyung Leadership Group festival.

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