Get A+ With the Right Search
Get A+ With the Right Search
  • Lee Gayun
  • 승인 2023.04.03 09:57
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Education on the use of library academic information


On February 9, Sookmyung Women's University Library held an online Zoom lecture on "How to search for materials for A+ reports." The lecture was conducted by librarian Han Jiyoung, and the following three things were covered in the lecture. First, how to search for library data through the library homepage. Second, how to search for academic information. The third is how to search for materials that are not kept in the library. First of all, if students click on the website of SMWU Library, students can easily find the search function in the center of the homepage. Students enter the keywords they want into the search bar, they can see all the materials in SMWU's library and the materials of external organizations. Library data are divided into sections consisting of catalogs, e-journals/databases, e-books, articles, and Open API. Students can choose the type of material they want here and find and read that which suits their taste. In addition, students can add detailed criteria that they want through the search result filter. For example, students can adjust the publication year category. If students limit the time period they want such as 2010-2020, they can easily find data published over those 10 years. The same is true of searching for academic information. Students click the e-journals/databases section of the library homepage, 138 academic DB sites will be displayed. The method of retrieving information is similar to the method described above. Finally, students can search for information that do not exist in our school through an application for data purchase of materials and an application for original copies. The first way is a service that enables application for purchase of desired materials if students cannot find what they want. Another way is a paid service that requests domestic and foreign cooperative agencies to copy materials that are not owned by our library. All of these can be applied for through the library service. After the lecture, Lee Daeun, a student of the Department of Public Administration '22, said, "I always had difficulty finding data every time I wrote a report. However, I learned various data retrieval methods through this lecture." As a result of this lecture, it seems that many SMWU students can now find the materials they want more easily and write reliable reports.

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