Preparing for the 6th Intramural Spors Meet at Sookmyung
Preparing for the 6th Intramural Spors Meet at Sookmyung
  • Park Ra Minjee
  • 승인 2014.04.11 09:48
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On March 21st, a meeting was held to prepare for the 6th Intramural Sports Meet at Sookmyung University with 40 participants.  Since the event would commence on the 24th, participants had to assign themselves teams for each sport entry.  The intramural sports competition is hosted by the Department of Physical Education, so there were many participants from majors related to sports.  However, students from other majors could also participate in the pre-games seminar, which made the event very big.  As students gathered in Myungshin Building 221 at 6 p.m, participants learned of precautions and the way to construct teams for the event.  Kim Yanghee, Department of Physical Education ’12, said, “This pre-games meeting was a great chance for us to prepare for the Intramural Sports Meet that will be held next week.  I learned what to do and what to practice before the actual event started.”  Since this intramural sports event aims to improve students’ physical fitness and to offer unique leisure activities for students, all students were encouraged to take part in the event without feeling a heavy burden.  Jung Dojoon, Manager of the 6th Intramural Sports Meet, said, “Most participants at the pre-games seminar had initiative attitudes regardless of major.  This made the overall atmosphere active and animated.”  With confident preparation for the Intramural Sports Meet, the event will surely be a good way for Sookmyungians to enjoy sports.

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