The Comfortable but Fashionable Tracksuit on Exam Days
The Comfortable but Fashionable Tracksuit on Exam Days
  • Lee Han Jiwon
  • 승인 2023.04.03 09:57
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Please introduce your style to our readers.

My taste is a little different from what I usually wear. I love a unique style, so I put unique clothes in my shopping cart at the shopping mall or upload my favorite clothes on Instagram. Then, I want to buy them right away. However, I don't want to stand out and I'm a little bit fickle. Finally, I end up wearing a minimal and neat style.


Please share your own tips with our readers on styling using a tracksuit.

I want to look stylish, so I use my tracksuit to make up for my shortcoming. I match wide and long pants with cropped or tight tops to highlight my strengths. Not only does this style look good on me, but also the thick rubber band in the training pants makes me feel comfortable when I study for an exam. Also, there are ways to use accessories such as hats! I often use a bucket hat to make myself more fashionable. I highly recommend this hat to you, Noonsong!


1. Cardigan / POLO RALPH LAUREN / 169,900 won

2. Jogger pants / Vintage shop / 29,900 won

3. Slip-on / Encoree / 91,000 won

4. Bucket hat / Jeep / 50,000 won

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